17 years but who's counting!

by: Adam

I have had the pleasure for several years of teaching at mohawkcollege media sales to radio students. I was reflecting this weekend thinking 17 years I have been in the ad agency world. And I am still reminded of what happened in 2009, the great recession that almost wiped out my entire operation.

I was featured in influence magazine and I thought I would share this article as I believe it is relevant for those who are in business to understand to be successful could lead to failure…

It’s hard to believe that we made it another year and we have managed to be here through all the years. There were some rough times… many…but we got through it. The great thing, is after all these years, we are stable, solid and love what we do. I’ve had and still have some fantastic staff that we remain in contact even to this day.

Thank you to our clients, staff and looking forward to more years to come!