30 is Just a Decade Away

by: Adam

Being in your twenty-somethings has its perks: staying up later, finally ‘adulting’ (somewhat) and most of the time you can get away with not washing your hair for a couple of days. Everything is dandy and you just landed a full time gig as an account coordinator at a swanky Hamilton agency called FPM3. Yes, I am talking about myself, you figured it out!

The reason I am bringing this up is because adulting and having a full time career is hard until you’ve figured out how to manage it, that’s why I believe I identified so much with this book called “Quarter Life Poetry.”

It speaks to everything you are feeling and when you’re suppose to feel it. Whether it be learning what a W9 is, having to decide whether or not to lie to your friends about going out only to find yourself snuggled in bed watching Netflix and eating a pint of ice cream in one sitting, or simply feeling the agony that comes with having a full time career. Is this it? Is this all we live for, paperwork and spreadsheets with numbers that look like gibberish? Oh the drama is all too real, and it is just beginning.

Admittedly I have not read it as of yet, but just seeing how Samantha Jayne perfectly captures the struggles of twenty-somethings everywhere is nothing short of hilarious and truthfully sparks a glimmer of hope for us all.

Jayne also hits home by describing that we have two selves in today’s digital society. We have our real selves and the self we let others see online. We can’t deny that this is true, have you ever gone out for drinks with a friend only to find out they are depressed with everything in life? Meanwhile, it’s totally contrary to what you’ve seen online. You’ve seen them posting pictures at the bar on a Friday night dressed to the nine’s, showing off their picture perfect relationship while hashtagging “#relationshipgoals” and killing it in their latest #OOTD (Outfit of the day). Life isn’t always as it seems and there is more to life I believe than everything we try to portray ourselves to be online.

Check out her book trailer for Mortality in Quarter Life Poetry. It’s a depressing tale that leaves you questioning a lot of things in your life, and ends with only one solution to help you from spiraling out of control. Pizza – to help save the day from excel spreadsheets and client phone calls. Enjoy!

Image: Quarter Life Poetry