5G or not 5G? That is the question

by: Adam

This quarter SPECTRUM Cambridge Chamber Magazine issue came out. 

If you’ve been paying attention to the media recently you’ve noticed that Huawei has been making a lot of headlines. In the past year, the CEO daughter was held in Vancouver on suspicion of inside trading in Saudi Arabia. This whole ordeal has opened the eyes of many people in North America of just exactly what Huawei is doing. The bigger question is this Chinese technological advance company comes with some great features at a very low cost. the Huawei p20 is one of the most advanced cell phones with an amazing camera technology.

Huawei is one of the culprits of how Nortel communications ended up going bankrupt. It’s a proven fact that Huawei stole the technology to create its own Chinese communication company. Protected under the republic of China Canada had no sanctions to sue them. This is the company that is trying to come back into North America and sell its product yet we lost a powerful communication company with patents that put it in the forefront of all communication companies.

T-Mobile in January filed a lawsuit against Huawei for stealing patents related to its mobile technology. The FBI and CIA have been very clear that Huawei products have been inspected and noted that information is being shared back to the republic of China government. we’ve now come to a point where the United States is boycotting Huawei and I think it’s important to understand that Huawei is the second largest communication company and product maker in smartphones in the world. Making it now in the top five. India, Africa, China with billions of populations are able to afford this inexpensive technology. The benefit of North America is we still have the options to consider but they come at a cost.

The Canadian government has currently looked at other options pertaining to 5G networks across the country. United States has already started installing and implementing 5G through major cities. Canada to keep competitive and allowing it to be up to speed with the latest technology has a large hurdle to get over. The mass of our country it’s not easy to install technology at a level of pace that the United States can do. we have many rural areas that are still on dial-up a technology in some cases in the United States that doesn’t exist. Our mobile and data costs are one of the most expensive in the world. The options when it comes to 5G is three companies. Huawei at the cheapest, Ericsson and Nokia. These three manufacturers of 5G equipment come at a cost. Canadian telecommunication companies are begging our government to open the channel and business to China for Huawei to offer its products. The challenge, if it’s equipment is stealing our information and sending it back to the republic of China if we thought we had a privacy issue today you can only imagine what it would be in the near future.

The big hurdle of 5G is that we need this technology if we want to keep competitive in an economic environment with other countries around the world. companies won’t invest in the country if it can’t have the ability to utilize technology that is common everywhere else. The challenge of course, if our only two choices are Nokia and Ericsson to provide the 5G equipment it’s going to come at two-thirds to double the price to install. That cost means a higher price for Canadians to pay on our mobile and Internet fees. As I mentioned, Canada is already one of the top expensive places to utilize data technology. Is it really worth citizens of the country to pay this fee when at the end of the day we may not be able to afford actually using it.

the challenge I ask, with all of our universities, smart cities that are being built, why is it Canada is not innovative to be one of the top developers and suppliers of a 5G option. The answer is simple. The cost to innovate and technologically developed in this country is too expensive. Labor, regulations, cost of development cannot be subsidized enough by the government to allow a 5G science to be not only created in Canada but to be manufactured and developed.

5G will be the next stage of where technology will be taking us. The speeds of which 5G can transfer information will alter everything. The challenge with 5G is it takes a lot of equipment to allow the signals to transfer. 5G will be satellite dishes on many buildings to help bounce the signal everywhere. It is a directional signal which means that there will be many buildings and lamp post that look like there is a rotor attached to it meaning cities will not be pretty if it is 5 g. but the benefits are amazing autonomous cars will be able to drive and communicate with each other seamlessly, medical science will take a whole new level allowing for holograms in clear 4K images to communicate with doctors across the country in real time. It would be no lag, no interruptions and no delay. 5G is the future the question is can Canada afford not to use a Chinese option, and if we do go with it what are we sacrificing in the long run?