A few new things at Apple

by: Adam

Some of the features coming out are exactly earth shattering as they have been around with the android system for the past couple of years. However, there have been many and prudence to what Apple is trying to do this includes a new map program that is completely unique to Apple. After they’ve licensed software from tom-tom they been able now to create their own mapping system to their mobile units no longer needing Google as a resource to get people places or to find information. Apple claims they’ll have access to 100 million businesses that you’ll be able to search online for their mapping system. What isn’t outlined is if the Canadian businesses are included in this mapping system. As well how would a business go about adding their information to this map is not yet indicated on either side of the border.

They’ve improved their voice recognition system, as it did have some issues actually understanding what was being said. But again Google has had this for years and many other applications. Apple also has welcomed with open arms Facebook and integration with one click along with twitter so their mobile units are completely social media friendly. Understanding that Apple tracks everything you do and Facebook likes to keep all records of what you give it sounds like an opportunity to hand over your life to these 2 companies. But again, that’s just me speaking.

I am excited about some of the new hardware and a new operating system mountain lion for Apple. The displays in the laptops will now have retina as well as more horsepower in the MacBook Air. There is now 2 sizes and MacBook Air an 11 inch and a 13 inch monitor priced around $1200 US. I won’t knock Apple for its hardware or software however, I believe the way their marketing to a cult group isn’t going to work in the future. As The options of “cool” and the battle of who’s got what neat feature is now the race to be first and accepted.

Can’t wait to see what is next!