A quick word from the road crew leader

What do people in Pembroke, Ontario want?

My name is Adrian and I am on the road for Colleges Ontario and FPM3 on the “Picture Your Future Tour 2014“. This is an exercise that has a team of four peeps putting hours on the road going from high school to high school reaching out to the students across Ontario and delivering the message:



Finishing in North Bay reaching more than 100 kids, we’ve now hit the road and landed in Pembroke. The motel is clean, neat and very very yellow. Good thing I love yellow! BUT THEN, from the corner of my eye, I spot the sign for a restaurant that said:



Being on the road for two months out of the year – one of the first things that you miss (besides clean underwear and your own pillow) is home cooked food. Timmies, we love you, but you suck. You are systematically ruining my life with your cheap, easily accessible food! So imagine how gleefully happy we all were when we saw a sign that advertised NO JUNK FOOD and how devastated we were when we saw a FOR LEASE sign right under it.

So Pembroke, I guess we know what you want and it’s not good wholesome homestyle vegetarian food… and I bet there’s more than a few Timmies in town.

We’ll keep on truckin’ if your food keeps suckin’!

Adrian, OUT!


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