Adam Oldfield on CHML Radio

by: Marc

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go into a radio station with Adam and it was really impressive to discover the radio world even if it was a local station. Adam was the guest of Bill Kelly for 20 minutes and they talked about new technologies and social medias. At first, Adam showed his new “google watch” and explained all of its features. He said that this watch changed his life because he can now read his e-mails, texts and receive instant news, without having to use his phone all the time. Google glasses are next to buy on his list, when it comes to new technology.


Adam on Radio

Then, he explained the importance of using social media in a company to increase future business success. For example, if you make an advertising video and post it on YouTube and a lot of people liked your video, that can increase the popularity of your business. He also said that social media is constantly evolving and social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, which are losing many users every day, will disappear in the next few years and will be replaced by new ones.

In the future, I hope to to return to CHML Radio!


Adam at CHML