Air now ONLY $1.00 for 1 min Includes HST!

by: Adam

Even in Roman times there has never been any log reports of anyone charging for air.

Get your air now…just $1 for 1 Min. Best deal in town

Of course, the years 2012 and anything is for sale. I was blown away the other day as I saw air for $1. The sad part is I totally understand and appreciate why they have to charge a dollar. The air is supplied (by the world) which is absolutely free until the government can figure out how to tax how many breaths each Ontario/Canadian citizen take in a day and can put a price to it. The cost comes from the Hydro that is fed to the machine that creates the pressure the pump it out. How funny this was a courtesy service only 15 years ago, yet today comes at the cost. Less than 5 years ago it was only $.25. When I asked the gas attendant when did the price go to a dollar? His response to me was “When my Hydro rates went through the roof, I can’t afford to provide this as a courtesy service anymore for our customers.”

It’s these little increases that our government, Ontario liberals run by Dalton McGuinty add to our daily lives that increases all of our costs on the very basics including air and water. The cost of water in the city of Hamilton alone [and this has nothing to do with the Liberal Ontario government] has increased 3000% in the last 15 years. This once cost $4,000 a year for my building and is now almost $25,000 in water fees in both receiving and sewage fees.

Breathe and drink freely my friends as it won’t be long until we will have to pay the “breathing tax” introduced by the Ontario Liberals.