Always on the road!

by: Adam

Time flies when you are having fun! At FPM3 we have had an amazing summer, great projects, and a lot of work to do. This past Thursday, August 30th we had the opportunity to share with our friends at North Bay, ON, our famous (and convenient) Mingle Day. It was a great opportunity to shoot some amazing Mingles with Adrian Konstant and Andre O’Bonsawin; and our new clients were very excited and pleased with the quality of  job and money they saved!


We want to bring Mingle Day closer to you and because of that we are always on the road! You can find out more about Mingle Days by visiting our website at, subscribing to our Newsletter on, or simply ‘liking’ our The Mingle® Facebook page I’ll be posting the dates there just remember  there will be a Mingle Day closer to you soon!


Now we are getting ready for the long weekend, (another?!) yes, that day in which we celebrate work…by taking the day off! Our offices will be closed on Monday September 3rd, but we will be back the next day Tuesday September 4th so as I always say, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather because our grumpy winter friend will be here soon.