Are You Protected from Ransomware?

by: Adam

Ransomware is on the rise and is making headlines again with WordPress security plug-in Wordfence reporting a new attack on websites. “EV Ransomware” is another form of malicious software that an attacker installs on your computer or on your server through an insecure website to gain access to your system, and lock you out until you pay a price.

According to Wordfence:

Ransomware today is growing fast. In 2017, 100 new ransomware variants were released into the wild, and there was a 36% year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks worldwide. The average ransomware demand increased 266% to an average of $1077 per victim. [Source: Symantec Threat Report 2017]

So this isn’t the first time Ransomware has made the news. Last month, we reported the global attack known as WannaCry attacked websites using vulnerabilities in missed software updates to get through and lock out users and systems in hospitals, government organizations, and individuals worldwide. Although Windows released a security patch to address the vulnerability, once attacked, users would not be able to apply it without paying the hefty price hackers were asking for.

The best line of defence is prevention, and at FPM3 we pride ourselves on protecting our clients’ websites against security threats before they happen. We ensure our clients’ websites have Wordfence Security installed and are updated regularly, and monitored to ensure suspicious behaviour is acted on at first defence. Our retainer clients’ websites are checked twice a month to ensure not only are all their plug-ins are up to date, but also that the updates are completed and tested to ensure vulnerabilities are patched when needed.

WordPress is one of the leading CMS’ systems in the world today, but it too is not perfect when it comes to security. Ensure your website is running up to date leaving no room for security vulnerabilities or Ransomware. Contact us today to discuss how a retainer website could be the security boost your company needs.