Augmented Reality Lens, Samsung 8 Release Date, and more..

by: Adam

It’s official!  Facebook TV is coming. It was teased some time ago by Zuckerberg and it’s official that we will start to see some programming that will only be available for 24 hours through the Facebook Network.  A new tab will appear called, “Watch” on desktop and TV apps.  An example of two shows includes, What’s Your Mutt and Do-It-Yourself Costume Squad. They’ll also be working on a lot of reality TV programming.

There is actually a new chip being developed when installed will help you heal your skin. This has not been tested on humans but has been successful with mice. Think of it as a reprogramming of your skin cells allowing it to grow new blood vessels and help a wound. When the chip is on the skin it creates an electrical pulse into the skin’s membrane, opening a tiny window. An electrical pulse will send the genetic code through the window into where the cell to reprogramming it for a new development all of this would take less than 1 second.

Omega Ophthalmics is an eye implant platform allowing for continuous augmented reality. With the growth of augmented reality, wearing a box around our head is probably not feasible. The future will be too easily put in a contact lens or have it surgically implanted so you can have the option of augmented reality in real time. So far seven patients human are being tested and it’s still waiting for the FDA approval.

Once again I’d like to go through the worst apps for draining your mobile device….I’ll go through the list for the top 3 of each. These would depend on what your phone uses, what YOU use and what is draining overall on bandwidth!

The new Pixel Phone by Google will officially ditch the headphone jack. Leaving Samsung the only one on the market with a headphone jack.

Samsung 8 release date is about to be announced on August 23rd with official payments and ordering by September 2nd. However, you can now get a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. For $100 more than a Galaxy S8, it will give you a more shatter resistant screen, waterproof and a few more small details under the hood that may make the difference for having a stronger phone. It would be great in the construction or if you’re just a klutz.

Netflix makes its first acquisition for a comic book maker Millarworld. Their graphic novels include “Kick-Ass,” “Wanted,” and “Kingsman” and all have been turned into movies. Netflix is already made a hefty commitment to comic books such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, and a few other Marvels, however, with the recent news of Disney canceling on NetFlix in 2020, I believe this will be only the first of many acquisitions to come.

The end of typing is coming and the next billion mobile users are looking for something that is quick and capable to watch and listen. With India’s market growing as the next potential opportunity many cannot read. So dictating will become the next phase of our human evolution. Reading and speaking.

Pilotless planes could save Airlines billions of dollars but a public review has confirmed that 17% would only be interested in flying on an autonomous plane.  Even though the cost of flights would drop dramatically saving Airlines over thirty billion dollars a year between fuel and cost of employees and training. It will be awhile until consumers will be comfortable letting an autonomous flying plane take us around the world.

Internet TV is now asking the big question: Would you give up a brand-name channel for a version you’ve never heard to save money? For instance, would you take up your news from a company called cheddar over CNBC? Newsy instead of CNN? The Blaze instead of 900 CHML? The reality is for only $10 you can get quality News broadcasting in your backyard done directly through online Broadcast. Internet TV isn’t new. In fact, it was originally in Hamilton and started by Donna Skelly. It didn’t last much as the market wasn’t ready for this industry as it was a little ahead of its time. However, this is going to be the new growth of News broadcasting is online Internet TV.

Factories are getting hacked like neverbefore with malware and encrypting issues.  Hersheys, Durex Condom factories and more are all being impacted with the attack.  Yet we don’t know the ½ of it.  It’s going to be a huge issue in the coming future and your house being broken in is the last thing a criminal will want…he’ll be sitting in the basement with his computer eating pizza asking for payment.