BB10 is this the solution?

by: Adam

Like a terminal patient RIM is buying itself some time, after an unexpected jump on the price of the shares at the end of this week (September 28th, 2012), however don’t get too excited a single share wont buy you a large pizza it might be enough for a Hot-and-Ready $5 deal. Don’t take me wrong I have nothing against BlackBerry indeed I have one that I use primarily for work (because I have to) and an iPhone as my personal phone (because I want to).

Now let me explain you why I am one of those pessimists: When was the last time that you bought a Sony TV or a Kodak camera…exactly! The once almighty (on their own industry) are now out (Kodak) or struggling (Sony) with consumers, the problem: they lost touch with the public they thought that they knew better but they didn’t.

BlackBerry was a must on the business world, but it wasn’t for the average consumer in fact the average consumer does not like a BlackBerry, everybody wants an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy (ask your family, friends, co-workers) and maybe, only maybe (if the budget is not that great) a Blackberry. Just Google it: Apple has sold over 5 million iPhones so far…yes it is lower than they expected but it is the same phone just a bit larger and people still buying it!

I am excited to see the new BB10 I hope it will offer a more equal battle against its competitors however, will this be enough…only the time will tell.