Amazon cancels


It’s close to Christmas your shopping online and Amazon seems to be the best place to go. You find an amazing priced item that you’re so excited as you’re about to get this product to you in a matter of a few days. As an Amazon Prime member it makes you feel warm and fuzzy knowing you’re getting the priority of a great price delivered in a short amount of time. Three days later you get a warning and an apology that the company made a mistake. The price that you accepted, paid, but the seller realized that they were wrong.  The seller wanted to sell it for a higher price. In light of the fact that product wasn’t shipped, they canceled my order but they would encourage me to reorder for the increase of $25 more than what I paid.

In the case of this being a physical retail environment I could have called the manager, discussed it face-to-face that this is misleading and false advertising. When the seller tells  me a price, I agree to pay it and then the seller changes their mind before they put it in the bag that it’s really worth $25. You’d be hearing from my lawyer about how you are not operating a fair business. Yet here we are with the limitations of online. Of course I can put a one-star, send a scathing email of how I am not happy with the process or the service received.  It doesn’t really change the fact that the product was to arrive on time as a gift to be given to someone. I’m now scrambling to find somewhere else or paying more money.  Remember, it wasn’t this product wasn’t in stock…it was sorry, we want to charge you more!!!

Moral of the story, be very careful sometimes you think you’re buying online and paying a price, accepting the price and in the end they can change their mind and tell you it’s gone up in price but you can pay it if you’d like. Where does it end? How long can it go and what price is it finally you get to pay before you get the product.


See attached for Amazon sample response.Amazon cancels

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