BlackBerry Explosion

by: Adam

Have you ever noticed that at least once a year someone’s mobile device “explodes”? (Or at least they say it did.) Well the situation has come up once again just to keep the tales going.

As this story goes, a BlackBerry Curve 9320 exploded after being unplugged. Kian McCreath, an 11-year old boy in the UK had just removed his phone from its charger before setting it on his bed. The phone then exploded, bursting into flames setting his bed on fire. 11-year old Kian was rushed to University Hospital Coventry with burns on his legs after having plastic burn to his skin. The parents of this young boy are demanding that RIM issue a recall on the device.


 The demanded recall, I believe is extremely unnecessary although it is understandable for the parents to desire such a thing. I would also hope that if a product exploded and harmed someone close to me, that the product would be recalled. One exploding phone however is hardly a reason to recall all of the devices.

 Although I would never wish to accuse a young boy of tampering with the device, I do recall an incident in which a Samsung Galaxy III exploded while sitting unplugged in a car dock. In this particular case the device had been dropped in water and then microwaved to dry it out by the user’s friend. It is possible that something happened to the phone to cause this to occur and it is also very possible that there was nothing wrong with the BlackBerry device itself, however the explosion could have been the cause of a faulty battery within the device.


With all of the pressure RIM has to make the Blackberry 10 the saviour of their company, the last thing they need right now is the negative media attention of an exploding BlackBerry Curve. I bet that the only thing they would like to hear ‘exploding’ is their sales and unfortunately for them, this could mean just the opposite.

 With the situation still under investigation, the cause of the explosion is still unknown. Something I do know however, is Kian McCreath is going to need some new sheets.