BlackBerry Invades Secret Service

Fellow Blackberry users, yes all 4 of you! (I am proudly still one of them)

So as RIM slowly ramps up their campaign (just recently sent out an e-newsletter last week) – View Online letting the general public know they are coming back with a fresh approach have won an important US security clearance before the OS is even out. This is the first time for the mobile manufacturer to have had their OS pass security set out by government officials of the United States before the device is actually released.

Otherwise known as the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) this allows government agencies to be able deploy BlackBerry 10 smartphones and their enterprise service on launch day of the device. No other mobile device manufacturer, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc., has passed security protocol like BlackBerry has and this is a huge area that RIM’s competitors haven’t been able to come in as well as BlackBerry has. Now with the recent release of Windows 8 mobile, this will give RIM a run for their money as Windows 8 mobile devices are up and coming and are really targeting the business segments with the integration of MS Office Suites – we’ll see how this plays out.

“Achieving FIPS 140-2 certification means BlackBerry 10 is ready to meet the strict security requirements of government agencies and enterprises at launch,” said Michael Brown, vice president of security product management and research at RIM. “What differentiates BlackBerry is that it integrates end-to-end security, and includes certified encryption algorithms for data at rest and data in transit. No other mobile solution has achieved the level of security accreditation that the BlackBerry solution has.”

So maybe re-elected President Barack Obama might be able to get his BlackBerry back which he had to surrender when took office back in 2008. I for one, am very excited to see BlackBerry 10 come in the new year and will most likely be one of the user’s to pick up the latest device on launch day – I’m cautiously optimistic!

Sources: Toronto Star and Engadet

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