Blackberry Remains the choice at FPM3

by: Adam

It’s been a hard decision, but I’m sticking to Blackberry for the time being for our office.  I am putting it on probation as the general direction in the office is that Android is getting warm and welcoming reviews from the accounts staff.    I guess as the President I have the final say on our “equipment” however the reasons for why we should change are actually quite complelling and I have to say are even convincing to me.

I was the Palm Pilot original advocate.  I stuck with Palm right up until Handspring was acquired again by them.   Then I moved to Blackberry.  I was glad that I did, however now I’m seeing the mobile future and Blackberry is slowly keeping up.   There is so many areas of improvement that need to be done, but more to their disadvantage is that the world isn’t wanting to work with them as much as they used to.   And the new players in the market are controlling the “cloud” computing systems to connect them.  Not to mention the developers out there are now supporting these groups.  I’m of course talking about Google and Apple.   Windows will be coming back and will have a fighting chance as well.

Blackberry is struggling for many reasons, but the key reason is that they have locked themselves in what they did best and didn’t innovate fast enough.   Tech changes by the day, week and in a month it’s ALL new.   I’m going to have Deep Chaggar, Account Coordinator talk more on some of this stuff as he’s been my resource to some of the latest trends going on in the market and a great advisor to myself when I’m talking all things Tech.  As much as Deep is a tech guru and loves all things new with Apple, Android and features, he’s the biggest Blackberry supporter I have in the office.   He carries not one, but 2 blackberries (work/personal) and different models.    I believe from our conversation the other day though that he’s even starting to think…if things don’t change then I’m going to have to.

He shared with me a video that (even though in Beta) alone could convince me to covert to Android.   My other Account Coordinator, Jordan Anderson has 2 phones as well.  The blackberry (work) and the HTC (personal) running Android and loves it.   ME?  I’m running on Blackberry and only have 1 phone as I don’t have a personal life.  🙂   However, I’m working with the Torch 9800 and I believe I will upgrade to the 9810. I have the fortunate opportunity of working with many new equipment including the latest Windows phone, the android galaxy and soon-to-be the Samsung galaxy S3. What excites me about Android is that the open-source ability to create an app is so easy that any business will be able to incorporate a program that works through mobile device and connects to their website without a complicated coder to do the job. I say this, as I’m in the coding industry and I have a fantastic team that helps me create this code everyday. The latest beta product that came on the market is ON X which is unique because the Microsoft system running on the android hardware, if you get a chance to take a look at this video I believe it could convert you as well. More to come on this, as Deep will maybe shed more details on it.

In summary blackberry is on probation at FPM 3 and will be reviewed in the coming 8 months whether it continues to be our main communication tool. But without access to Skype and support the Google business apps [Gmail, calendar, contacts] it’s going to be very difficult to continue this way.