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Medicinal My Way – Officially helps patients in Hamilton

President and CEO, Adam Oldfield has been an advocate for helping patients that suffer from chronic and life threatening pain through using prescribed medicinal cannabis.  Adam realized there is a need for a voice collectively for patients across the country as there is a lot of limitations for those with medicinal cannabis prescribed medication. Adam started […]

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Chefs gourmet dinner - sponsored by FPM3

President – Adam Oldfield – Auctioneers Big Brothers and Big Sisters fundraiser

Adam Oldfield, President and CEO of FPM Marketing & Design is once again the auctioneer for the Big Brother, Big Sisters of Waterloo April 8, 2019, raising money for a fantastic cause. This is the 3rd year I’ll be the auctioneer along with Chef D as we have an amazing meal from some of the best […]

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FPM3 celebrates 16 years of service

16 years ago today we opened FPM3 In the last year, we’ve managed to make a few new changes.  We have a few new people joining our team. A new business development officer that’s focusing our business efforts down in the United States, in addition speaking of United States we open a new office in Orlando […]

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The Marketing Snowball Effect

Today’s discussion topic is: The Marketing Snowball Effect! As the owner of a business, frugality and expense tracking is apart of everyday life. It’s important to be conservative with your money while investing in the right places. Here at FPM3, we believe that making the conscious decision to invest in marketing will not only generate […]

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What Happened?

This story needs to be shared, as it relates to the sales and marketing industry. It made me laugh…sadly; but like marketing you have to review, define it, and decide what direction to go in based on what you learn. Recently the GM plant in Oshawa announced that it was closing down with hundreds of […]

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Email Is Not Dead

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 – the headline was “Death of Email”. The updated 2019 version is Rise of the email! Articles everywhere were talking and Publishing messages about how email was going to be dead and we need to start migrating over to a new platform with all the messaging system. I think that […]

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Over the past few months, FPM3 has been working side by side with Dan Gauthier, an experienced font designer, to create a custom built website showcasing hundreds of his designs. Mr. Gauthier began designing fonts over twenty years ago. It was always his passion, however, he never thought he’d be able to turn it into […]

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Episode #43 – Friday, April 27, 2018 – 3 Worst Smartphones, Fingerprint Scanner When Your Dead, Amazon Onesie Mop For Your Baby, Concussion Reader and more…

If you missed last weeks topics of discussion with Adam Oldfield on AM 900 CHML Tech Talk here they are: Amazon is selling a baby mop onesie so you can dress your child and have it crawl around the floor cleaning at the same time. What a great use of your child. You can never […]

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Episode #41 – Tech Talk – Friday, April 13, 2018 – Facial Recognition Found Criminals, Removal of Signature for Credit Cards, How Much Does an Uber Driver Make Anyways, Amazon Prime Wardrobe,

If you missed last weeks topics on Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show on AM900 CHML: A suspect was caught in China at a music concert after being detected by facial recognition technology. China announced that they were taking thousands of photographs and using facial recognition. It was managed at a […]

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