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Samsung knocks out Apple – Facebook Style!

So normally, we all work within our respective companies and our competitors do the same. We don’t advertise our competitors, naming names, pointing at them, as that would be rude like your mother told you. These days, the big elephant in the room isn’t staying in the room much longer and is out in the […]

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Tech Talk

Adam Oldfield, president at FPM3, hosted Tech Talk with Greg Durocher of the Cambridge Chamber ( this past September 4th, 2012.  Tech Talk began with Greg’s favourite subject, BLACKBERRY, and the new Playbook. Adam also revealed some rumours about the new BlackBerry “L” – the code for London – on the BB10 operating system. They […]

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QR Code Campaign, Done Wrong.

You can find them everywhere.  On the back of your wine bottle, on the ad on the bus shelter, or on the back of your taco wrapper – QR codes are an excellent tool to attach to an ad or product.  QR or Quick Response codes give you a chance to catch your customers attention […]

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President Message September 1, 2012

FPM3 has been very busy over the summer and now have new packages available to help with monitoring and tracking your website visitors! You’ve heard of Google Analytics, and can now track where people actually click and scroll through your website in a clean and graphic format, showing you how your website layout could be […]

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Always on the road!

Time flies when you are having fun! At FPM3 we have had an amazing summer, great projects, and a lot of work to do. This past Thursday, August 30th we had the opportunity to share with our friends at North Bay, ON, our famous (and convenient) Mingle Day. It was a great opportunity to shoot […]

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The Great ‘Godgle’

So here’s an idea… I am not a religious man – but this did get me thinking. Let’s take a look at your perception of God and what that idea means to you. The definitions of what God is and how he/ she/ it/ they interact with us is about as unique and diverse as […]

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Windows 8 is coming

Windows 8 you say? Why does this matter and why should I care? Why should anyone care? We here at FPM3 are always keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest news in technology, and yes even if it’s Microsoft coming out with new products. The majority of our office here is running on […]

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It’s time to go to bed!

FPM3 knows that we all work hard…but there comes a time when you just need to call it a day.  If you’re visiting our website after 8pm to 6am then I’m going to come out and tell you to go to bed.  It’s a long day…everyday at FPM3 to get the job done.

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404 Error page – gets some “cool features”

Nothing worse than getting the wrong URL.    We decided at FPM3 that we would show you something a bit more interesting 🙂   Hopefully you find the RIGHT web page, but in the case you don’t, we’ve added something fun for you to watch and get you back on the home page. This page […]

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