Always on the road!

by: Adam

Time flies when you are having fun! At FPM3 we have had an amazing summer, great projects, and a lot of work to do. This past Thursday, August 30th we had the opportunity to share with our friends at North Bay, ON, our famous (and convenient) Mingle Day. It was a great opportunity to shoot some amazing Mingles with Adrian Konstant and Andre O’Bonsawin; and our new clients were very excited and pleased with the quality of  job and money they saved!   We want to bring Mingle Day closer to you and because of that we are always on the road! You can find out more about Mingle Days by visiting our website at, subscribing to our Newsletter on, or simply ‘liking’ our The Mingle® Facebook page I’ll be posting the dates there just remember  there will be a Mingle Day closer to you soon!  …

The Great 'Godgle'

by: Adrian

So here’s an idea… I am not a religious man – but this did get me thinking. Let’s take a look at your perception of God and what that idea means to you. The definitions of what God is and how he/ she/ it/ they interact with us is about as unique and diverse as every individual person. For some God is found in a church a synagogue or a mosque, others might find God in the face of their children, or in the strings of an old guitar, others might find God on the sports field or in the classroom or on the operating table. God’s relationship with us is  as unique as we are. One thing I believe is that God is the strand that unites us with all other things – whether there is a consciousness above and beyond that is a debate for another time, but…

Windows 8 is coming

by: Adam

Windows 8 you say? Why does this matter and why should I care? Why should anyone care? We here at FPM3 are always keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest news in technology, and yes even if it’s Microsoft coming out with new products. The majority of our office here is running on Apple’s OS and recently having upgraded to Lion, not Mountain Lion (we like to make sure all the bugs are out and stable before upgrading), and we’re now enjoying the updates of Lion and quite happy as it’s working well with our internal software too. While the majority of our web department have Windows running on their machines, it’s important for us to keep know how this is going to effect their machines if we do consider upgrading the programmers/web developer’s tools; so let’s take a look at some of the feature Windows 8 has…

It's time to go to bed!

by: Adam

FPM3 knows that we all work hard…but there comes a time when you just need to call it a day.  If you’re visiting our website after 8pm to 6am then I’m going to come out and tell you to go to bed.  It’s a long day…everyday at FPM3 to get the job done.

404 Error page - gets some "cool features"

by: Adam

Nothing worse than getting the wrong URL.    We decided at FPM3 that we would show you something a bit more interesting 🙂   Hopefully you find the RIGHT web page, but in the case you don’t, we’ve added something fun for you to watch and get you back on the home page. This page has me (Adam Oldfield) helping the troops outline how the website is being designed and built!  

August 6 - Canada Day - Civic Long Weekend

by: Adam

FPM marketing will be closed on August 6, Canada Day Civic long weekend. This is an extra holiday that we as Canadians get to enjoy over the summer as we do not have enough vacation time available to us. We will be back on August 7 and in the meantime will be enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as winter will soon be upon us.

FPM3 LIVE CHAT - NOW online!

by: Adam

FPM3 live chat is now online and available to your website. FPM3 live chat system brings a unique ability to open your browser into an instant online chat system allowing visitors to immediately communicate with the administrator as well as with other people directly and an open chat window. No special downloads. Just simply enter your name and your online chatting with the administrator asking questions and getting a response immediately. We added a few new features including the ability to do direct chat as well as when signing online as an administrator will send an instant tweet through your twitter account. Find out more information by sending us an e-mail or give us a call. Get your website chatting to your visitors today.

Apple's (10.8) Mountain Lion - now in sight!

by: Adam

This week Apple releases the latest and greatest iteration of its operating system OS X, titled Mountain Lion. With tons of new features, apps and services, it’s a lot to take in. FPM3 just updated the Macs to the LION OS (10.7) and now it’s time to go one kitty further.   If you have a Mac (or you don’t and just are interested) then below I’ve got a breakdown of the FAQ of the New OS Mountain Lion that might be of interest to you.  It’s likes a Coles notes of the features. Read below to find out the answers to important questions. Q: What is Mountain Lion? A: Mountain Lion is the latest version of the user interface called OS X. This one is OS X v10.8, but instead of boring you with a number you won’t remember, they give each release a name based on a member of…

Want to make your Online banner Ads work?

by: Adam

A great overview of online Ads was done through Mashable and the interesting part is what we all wanted to know.  Making online ads work.   I’ve included some of the images that they worked with to show the greatest success of online ads. In summary: 1. The ads should have faces 2. Best location is top left above the fold!   ‘    

Your next great marketing campaign is clicks away.