Ontario should be renamed “Titanic”

I’ll start with Happy Family Day – officially the worst holiday of the year in Ontario.  A paid holiday that does absolutely nothing for the economy and was just another example of how the Ontario Liberals are a waste of space in government.  Now that’s out of the way…let me get onto another issue with […]

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The CRA is now in the collections business

When your in small business you have to get used to the CRA being your business partner.  It’s not like you have any choice in the matter. When you open a business you are officially partnered with the Canada Revenue Agency.  This business partner is the most ruthless and vicious that you will ever encounter. Let […]

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BlackBerry Invades Secret Service

Fellow Blackberry users, yes all 4 of you! (I am proudly still one of them) So as RIM slowly ramps up their campaign (just recently sent out an e-newsletter last week) – View Online letting the general public know they are coming back with a fresh approach have won an important US security clearance before […]

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Air now ONLY $1.00 for 1 min Includes HST!

Even in Roman times there has never been any log reports of anyone charging for air. Of course, the years 2012 and anything is for sale. I was blown away the other day as I saw air for $1. The sad part is I totally understand and appreciate why they have to charge a dollar. […]

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