Facebook Security – update August 2017

Facebook has a new security feature that allows for you to have 3-5 friends help you access your account.  This is very handy in the case you lost your password OR you got hacked.  Just remember to pick 3 – 5 true friends!   I would suggest that you might select a family member. See […]

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ARTICLE IN THE CAMBRIDGE CHAMBER – SPECTRUM winter edition It’s coming to a point when most of our smartphones are reaching a capacity of which provide the most speed and the most features with security. But have we really maximized what we can actually do with our future smartphones? The fact of the matter is smartphones […]

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Ways to Pay! All with Online convenience

I had recently received my business insurance renewal policy and they told me about the convenient ways I can pay them, which were by cheque or credit card. I noticed the letter advised me there would be a 2.5% charge for using a credit card for payment. Immediately, I called the insurance company to ask […]

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Apple Announces iPhone 7

Get ready iPhone users – the iPhone just got a new upgrade…Or did it? Yesterday, Apple made their highly anticipated Keynote live from San Francisco where they showed off advancements in software collaboration, the Apple Watch 2, and the long awaited iPhone 7. As a long-time Android user, I really looked forward to this Keynote […]

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RIP Adobe Flash

Steve Jobs had forecasted that flash was going to end and that it wasn’t a part of our internet experience way back in 2010. In fact, he was instrumental in ensuring that Adobe Flash would not succeed with the launch of the iPad and the iPhone. What’s interesting is that Steve Jobs felt that flash […]

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Check out the Cambridge Chamber latest “spectrum” magazine with my article on hacking and the issues related to it. Here is the full article: You’ve probably heard by now or have been affected by it, and that’s your passwords getting hacked. Yes, even the largest of companies still don’t have a full security protection from […]

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Pokemon GO Means Mobile Matters

You might have heard about Pokemon GO’s world domination – but you might have been even more surprised to see it firsthand. This week, Nintendo released mobile app Pokemon GO to five countries: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Germany. Notice how Canada isn’t on there? It hasn’t even been released in this country […]

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Adam Oldfield

Is your password for sale? Find out!

It seems like every time we look in the newspaper another major social media or retail vendor have had their login and passwords hacked. It seems to be one of the most common things taking place online. And what are they doing with this information? Simple. Selling it. Your information is very valuable to the […]

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Te Quiero Taco Bell

Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, but Taco Bell made sure that it was on for the books. More and more people and brands are finding ways to indulge in the popularity of Snapchat and I don’t blame them. As per my previous article on Snapchat, and how the application has been able to […]

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