Blogging For Your Business

by: Adam


The most commonly asked question any blogger receives is ’why?’ Why do you blog and how does it benefit you?

Blogging is simple, interesting, fun and a great way to interact with those who are interested in your company! As a business, the purpose of your blog is to attract more positive attention to your company. Business blogging is all about lead generation.

Well how do you create a blog? Do you have to pay an arm and a leg for it? Absolutely not! But you certainly could for a top notch, state of the art blogging platform.


Some of the blogging platforms you may be interested in for your business blog are;

    • HubSpot
    • WordPress
    • TypePad
    • Posterous

They are all great, it is up to you however to choose what will work best for you!


Now, it’s not time to take a nap and forget why you are here! Take a look at the key components you will need in order to make your company blog a success.


  1. A Captivating Title
    Have you ever flipped through a newspaper or a magazine? I bet you can’t say that you read every single article now can you? This is why an interesting title is so important to your blog people most commonly only read what sounds interesting.
  2. Well Written and Beautifully Formatted Content
    Imagine reading a blog attached to your favorite companies website. With high hopes for a beautiful easy read, you click on the link and take a look. Next thing you know,you are closing the page and never returning. A poorly written blog could be just the reason for this.
  3. Eye Pleasures
    Sounds crazy, well… maybe not. No one enjoys reading off of a word document so spice up your blog! Add a background and change your font to attract the eye, people like attractive things and it could make a world of difference.


Now that you’ve discovered how simple yet beneficial blogging can be and you have decided that it would be a step in the right direction for your company, a question you may have is ‘what do I blog about’?

The perfect subjects to blog about are topics that are going to educate your readers. Educating your clients however DOES NOT mean, promote your products or advertise your company’s services.

To help you with this, think of yourself… you wouldn’t like to sit down and read a blog all about FPM3’s current promotions now would you? Think of your clients and potentials as readers like yourself and pretend you are in their shoes reading about your industry. Just like you wouldn’t like to read annoying jibber jabber about how great our products are, neither do your readers.

So what would you like to educate them on? Still can’t think of anything? Well, let me get you started! What are the most common questions you get asked? Maybe they are things about your industry, what is changing, what is the solution to a specific problem? These are things that your clients and even other readers will love to read. Your clients will appreciate that the information is there for them to use and other readers will be confident that you are going to help them with any of their issues. After you have blogged about all the questions, review reader reactions to your posts by looking at comments and likes, you may even choose to expand on the topic at hand.

My very last point for you as a business blogger is to pretend you aren’t a businessperson. Act and write as if you are a columnist, a friend or family member and speak to your readers.  This will make it easier to avoid promoting your business’s services or products and allow you to focus on the industry.  It is the best way to blog for your business and the most successful at attracting positive attention.