Brock University - ONLINE network

by: Adam

I had the opportunity to participate with over 250 students at Brock University this past week (November 5) on a business networking event.  

I can honestly say I’ve done a lot of networking presentations to universities and schools and this was one of the coolest, integrated system in how to communicate with fellow students in regards to learning and networking for their career. One of the most intriguing aspects was the ability to be a networking host with all students signed in, dressed appropriately ready and eager to find their future.

 In the discussions,  I’ve had the opportunity to give my experience, some know-how and information in respect to what kind of advice these students and future entrepreneurs can take. I find it intriguing, that universities and colleges focus on the general aspects of Education. That includes a General overview of how to be in business. You might get some light accounting, a little bit of what you need to do with a balance sheet but no one’s teaching the real aspects of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

 Dedication, commitment and support. I look at those three elements for a proper entrepreneur to successfully accomplish their goals. An entrepreneur program which you can probably sign up with the Tony Robbins, possibly pick up a self-motivated Business book, the reality is the Hard Knocks learning street level of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is probably one of the oldest professions in the world. Selling a service or product whether it’s bartering or otherwise and yet we still today with all the education programs available have not taught the boot camp of what it takes to be in business.

 I’m referring to the Grind of putting in extra hours, not being compensated, dealing with government weather at CRA, regulations pertaining to safety, and at the same time ensuring that you have your entire Financial backing whether it’s through family support or borrowed money being fully accountable. Governments have even enforced director responsibilities and that pertains to anyone that works with your corporation or your small business.

 It inspired me to speak with the students, at a university or college level we need collectively to ensure that more students are willing to take the plunge. We need to be mentors to our future small business operators. In the current covid-19  pandemic, we’ve seen nothing but small businesses suffer and close. A new operation of businesses need to rise and they’re going to need the proper education and support from business operators that have learned the hard way. I encourage you, if you find a student out of the University that is eager to want to be a entrepreneur that you consider taking them under your wing and offering them all the years of advice and troubles that you’ve dealt with to hopefully lighten the blow there about to experience.