Canada (Quebec) versus France - Part Trois

by: Marc

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, which is a very nice city and I have decided to tell you the main differences between North American French vs. European (France) French.

First of all, it was really interesting to compare the dialect from France vs. Quebec because they’re really different. For me, being from France, it was difficult sometimes to understand the French people from Montreal, who have a very strong accent and who use different terms than people from France. For example, in France we use english terms like “weekend”, “shopping”, “briefing” and more; but  in Quebec, they don’t want to use any english terms at all.

However, the city has a strong French presence:
– Everything is written in French and not in English (compared to Ontario where everything is written in English, but also in French).
– There are a lot of French restaurants, French bakeries, French shops etc…
– The lifestyle is similar to France
– In old Montreal, the architecture is similar to architecture France
and many more things.

Another thing is that in France, Alcohol is prohibited until 18 years old, whereas in Ontario it’s 19, so in Montreal you can go to the bars and nightclubs when you’re 18 which makes it a popular place for students.

Overall, I had a great time in Montreal and I hope to visit there again in the future.


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