Canada versus France – Part Deux

by: Marc

I know, the first part of this blog has recently been published, but I noticed a lot of differences these days.

– Yesterday I watched TV, nothing fancy you might tell me. But I was surprised to see every 5 to 10 minutes some advertising, you can’t see a movie or a TV show without seeing advertising. Yes there is TV advertising in France, of course, but only one per movie and TV show. I don’t think I could get used to this.

– Communication is the biggest difference between France and Canada. How many people asked me “How are you ?” “Where are you from?” “Why are you here ?” “Are you a student?” in the bus or in the street whereas I didn’t know them. Why did they ask me that? Even in the shops when I order something to eat they ask me these questions. My roommate explained to me that in Canada everyone will ask you these questions, everyone is very friendly, it’s “normal” but not in France. In France, when you go in a shop you say “Hello” and that’s it, you can speak more with the shopkeepers only if you know them well. I really need to accustom my self to it, because I think I may seem rude (I could use an other word..).

– Coffee shops are the best invention. I knew about Starbucks before coming to Hamilton, and now I know Tim Hortons. Why is there no Coffee shops in France? Yes there are coffee shops in Paris and some other big cities, but not in “medium” or small towns. Now I can’t go to work without getting a coffee with a donut at Tim Hortons.

– Like you could see in my previous posts, I went to Mohawk college with Adam twice now. I learned that College is very expensive in Canada, and sometimes students take a line of credit to pay college. In France, College is almost free, you only have to pay the registration fees, it’s only the private schools that are expensive. In other words, it’s a chance to have free education in France.

– Last thing I learned is about driver licences and the age limit to go in bars. You can drive a car when you are sixteen in Canada, but in France it’s eighteen, lucky! I remember that I couldn’t wait to be eighteen and drive a car.

I already go to bars in Hamilton, and almost every time, bartenders ask me for my ID card. 21 is the age to start going in bars or nightclubs, I know I’m only 21 but I don’t think I look so much younger. In France ,it’s only 16 for bars and 18 for nightclubs, that’s a lot better, for young people I mean.

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this blog.


Canada versus France