Canada versus France - Part Quatre

by: Marc

Here is another blog to talk about the differences between Canada and France.

In my previous blog, I wrote about the differences between Quebec and France, for instance, alcohol is prohibited under 19 years old in Ontario, whereas the age is 18 in France). However in Canada, the bar can also set a minimum age requirement. For example, bars that want to attract a more sophisticated crowd may set the minimum age at 21, or in some cases, even 25. I’ve never seen something like that before!

Speaking about alcohol (and don’t worry, I’m not an alcoholic), you can’t buy alcohol in the supermarkets here, you can only purchase at specialized stores such as LCBO or the Beer Store and I don’t really understand why. In France, you can buy alcohol in every supermarket however, the cool thing in Canada is that you can return your empty bottles and beer cans to the Beer Store for a small return. You don’t get a lot of money, but it encourages people to recycle their cans and bottles, rather than throwing them in the garbage.

Do you know that Canadians have the most expensive mobile packages? Two weeks ago, I bought a sim card for my phone and I had to pay $45 per month. Seriously?! $45!? For the exact same plan I have with this sim card, I would have to pay only $10 in France! So I asked the salesperson why it’s so expensive, and they told me it’s because the mobile network covers the entire Canadian territory, even areas where nobody lives (If you didn’t know it, now you know!). That’s the same problem with internet packages, which are hugely expensive.

Now let’s talk about the cars. Here in Ontario it’s in kind of like the USA in the sense that almost everyone has big cars like pickup trucks or the 4×4 and in addition, they use automatic cars. In France and really Europe in general, we usually have small cars, and manual cars. The only real similarity is that gas prices are about the same as in France.

Well that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

Canada versus France