Canada versus France - Part Un

by: Marc

The fact that I am French and living in Canada, I think it could be a good idea to make a survey about the differences between France and Canada. I’ve been in Canada for a few weeks so I can’t make a full survey for now. That’s why I’ll post several blogs on “Canada Versus France” throughout my internship at FPM3.

First, I think few comparisons on simple elements can help you get a broader overview of the differences:

In Canada, there are 35 Million people per (approximately) 10 Million square kilometers.
In France, there are 66 Million people per 552,000 square kilometers.

comparaison france canada

If France were your home instead of Canada you would:
– use 56.04% less electricity (now I understand… I’ve lived through the coldest winter of my life)
– consume 53.69% less oil
– have 33.67% less chance of dying in infancy
– have 20.91% more babies
– make 14.58% less money
– have 14.49% more free time
– have 14.12% more chance of being unemployed
– spend 6.89% less money on health care
– experience 1.87% more of a class divide
– die 0.2 years sooner


Canada versus France