Colleges Ontario's "Picture Your Future Tour"

by: Adam

This time last year, four complete strangers came together, travelled across Ontario, and set up a green screen in high schools. They took pictures of students with various backgrounds, costumes, and props to spread awareness for choosing college as their post secondary education.  It was fun, educational, and allowed students to envision what their career could literally look like if they chose to pursue an educational path at an Ontario college.


What we have just described is Colleges Ontario’s “Picture Your Future Tour” and at this exact moment, our road crew is in the final stages of prep and they’re gearing up to hit the road on Saturday to do it all over again!


Last year, we visited 23 schools across Ontario and the response was so overwhelming that we were able to add 11 more dates to the tour this year! That means that this year we have the privilege of visiting 34 schools over the course of 49 days, starting in Thunder Bay on Monday September 22nd, 2014 and ending in Windsor on Friday November 7th, 2014.


We’re really excited for this year’s tour and can’t wait to see the adventures it will bring!