Covid - How it will change your busines

by: Adam

I’m writing to share the vision that the world of small business has officially changed. It’s not going to ever be the same. As each day that passes, and we find little things are better.

We don’t need as much, we don’t need to go to the office. This is going to change the situation for all of us for the future. How? Simple, we are going to be living in the new online ordering, virtual office, drop shipping environment.

Homemade… ordered online… delivered. 3 simple things. Businesses everywhere are changing how they do things. Being efficient AND ensuring that we are safe working at home. We have accepted the video call. It has been here for years. In 2003, skype was one of the first video calling systems… today there are many to choose from.

Google and Microsoft are fighting to get back into the game with MEET and TEAMS/skype. No matter the options, we have accepted video calling more than ever.

What does that mean for you? If you have a small business you need to rethink your operating strategy. Now, is the time to consider how to revise your operations. Let me give you an example. One of my companies did duct cleaning (Vacu-Man). We took a service that cleaned a furnace and duct work to now selling filters online. Another client took chocolate Parties (Chocolate Tales) and turned it to ordering chocolate products online. We are working on a new plan for the business to keep migrating.

The principle of business is there… it’s just going to be altered in a way that we have to adapt. The day when someone drove to drop off milk, or you would have ice blocks delivered to your basement, coal dropped off in winter. These businesses are gone….the needs had changed. So has how we do business today.

I’ve been running companies for over 18 years. I’m not a millionaire, but I have a million ideas. While your locked in isolation, getting your CERB or your EI…. think about your new business venture. Think about how your business you work for could be different. You could be making more money in 1 year with covid still out there… than you ever did having your business run for the past 5 years.