Drunk Phones

by: Adam

“You guys ready to go?” Okay, wallet, keys, money, drunk phone…check! To protect our precious smartphones today, people are relying on a second, cheaper phone that they bring out on Friday and Saturday nights when, let’s face it, a few drinks can cause us to be a little careless. I, for one, can recall a time when a drunk phone would have been my saviour – the first night I got my new BlackBerry and dropped it in a toilet. We all know how costly it is to replace a cell phone, so having a beater that you take out on weekends might not be a bad idea. If you upgrade, keep your old version as your drunk phone. As long as you have a SIM card to switch back and forth, you’re good to go.

No you may not look so hip and you may have a little explaining to do when you pull it out (phones people), but on Sunday morning you’ll be waking up to your clean, shiny BlackBerry; not your friends sticky, beer-soaked iPhone that won’t turn on.