Email Is Not Dead

by: FPM3

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 – the headline was “Death of Email”. The updated 2019 version is Rise of the email!

Articles everywhere were talking and Publishing messages about how email was going to be dead and we need to start migrating over to a new platform with all the messaging system. I think that message is completely wrong. In fact, it’s so wrong, that the one thing that is secure and still works is email. Let’s just take for example the last 12 months of what we’ve experienced using instant chat systems in the platforms that allow us to communicate.

When you’re using a Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, Instagram, WhatsApp these are all systems that are 3rd party corporate controlled and use your information for their financial gain.

Email, on the other hand, is set based on your domain (www.NAMEOFYOURBUSINESS.COM) registered and is universal across all platforms. It doesn’t matter your operating system, mobile or desktop it will work. The information in the profile of your email is minimal allowing only the communication of which you want to receive. There is no further information about your personal preferences, your email Isn’t tracking or giving you profiles that are being sold. (NOTE: the FREE version of Gmail does utilize some of your emails for advertising). But if you’re using your own domain email for corporate communication and content within it remains exclusive to your server.

We’ve seen what Facebook will do with your information…Cambridge Analytica ringing any bells. Not only will they sell it, but they will also encourage further use of their platforms to track and listen to everything we do.

When you use 3rd party systems, they can change at any time and YOU have to live with how it works. Google is a testament to This. Look at how many times these programs change with little notice. Ie. Whatsapp now is using your chat messages as advertising opportunities? This was one of the most secure chatting systems. Now it’s just feeding your information into the profile messaging chain.

Google has changed their platform multiple times in a way that you have to keep accepting what they tell you in how it’s going to work. Hangouts…broken into CHAT, ALLO, AND DUO. What is happening here?

Hangouts was altered this past year which was a phenomenal chat device but has faltered based on some of the Google upgrades. If you wanted to use it to text message and instant message someone they broke it into four different companies. Duo, allo And let’s just be clear how many programs does it take to communicate with someone. Oh…and rumor now is that Hangouts will no longer exist after 2020

Email is solid. It has who you’re sending, the subject you want to speak about, the body of the message and attachments that need to go with it. If anything email has become stronger, smarter and with all the new features that come with email it’s actually much more robust than any instant chat program.

2019 I think will be an exodus of programs with respect to information we give and further communicate with. It’s becoming complicated, when you’re trying to link with someone and ask them are they part of Facebook? Are they part of what’s up? And if they’re not and you need to find a similar program that works for them. However, every one of those instant chat programs needed an email to set up. Again we may not like email but it isn’t going anywhere and if anything it’s probably the best communication system to keep in touch, share information that isn’t going to sell your life away to advertisers…

If you’d like to find out more information on setting up an email or migrating an email system over give us a call or send us a note through email on our website and we’ll make sure to get back to you. Long Live email!