Episode #12 -Tech talk - New iPhones, Smart Gear, Lamborghini phone and More

by: Adam

Friday, September 1st, 2017  – Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly show!

Apple Announcement September 12, 2017 – Lots to talk about with the new iPhone.
The Note 8 is going to be one of the most expensive phones on the market. However, there is one just a little more expensive. it is called the “Lamborghini Alpha One” smartphone and starts at $2,400 US dollars. As powerful as it is, it’s still no match for the Samsung or LG and soon-to-be iPhone. The only benefit is that you get a Lamborghini logo on your phone authentic.


If you’re still scared at night, you can now get Zing. The world’s smartest night-light. You can program it in different colors, and shades and brightness. The days of having a Sylvester the cat NightLight are over. This even works with a mobile app so you can put a disco theme to go with your night light if that’s how you sleep better.


Robots have been mentioned in the past about taking over the world. In Japan, they are now taking over funeral rites. A robot is now programmed similarly to a Buddhist in Tokyo. As for the cost, it will be $450 for this robot to perform the ritual versus thousands of dollars for human Buddhist to do the delivery. The robot even comes dressed in all the garb. Part of the reason is there’s such a huge older demographic that is passing away, that there is high demand for Buddhist to perform the ritual for those that pass away.


Nothing worse than trying to find a parking spot. Don’t worry Google Maps has now got you covered. Its major cities it will now make recommendations where you can park. Over time it will also advise the cost of parking and when Peak costs are including possible parking options that can lower your cost of parking overall. This currently is used in major cities but expected to be rolling out in other mid-market cities like Hamilton in the next year.


Domino’s was testing in the UK delivering a pizza using autonomous service vehicles. In North America  Ford in Detroit and Domino’s have partnered for an autonomous self-driving delivery vehicle. You order your pizza and the Ford Fusion set up with pizza warmers in the backseat, will deliver your pizza directly to your door. As you arrive you go to the vehicle then you enter a code where the window will open and you can get your hot fresh pizza.

Ford and Domino’s to deliver pizza using self-driving cars in new test

There’s a new device available that keeps a GPS tracking device on your luggage. You’ll be able to know when you arrive at your destination if your luggage arrived with you. It’s called the Blue Smart Travel Set. Built-in batteries for charging devices and a remote lock for safety and a sensor that weighs the contents.


When you’re searching on Google expect some new updates that are going to make it much easier to save money when you’re booking a trip. Google is enhancing their features with flexible schedules to allow you to save money. The search giant says it’s updating both flight and hotel searches to make it much easier to find a deal versus trying to use a third-party system. You’ll be able to use the tool in the search engine and be able to see the comparison tools to determine where you may be able to save money similar to a kayak.


If we all love Augmented Reality with Pokemon get ready as The Walking Dead is releasing a virtual augmented reality game that will allow you to catch zombies in your streets. I’m not sure it will be the craze of Pokemon, but if you love The Walking Dead you’ll be able to feel like you’re in the game trying to save your own life and capture and stop the zombies.


Samsung just announced the Gear Sport, Gear Fit 2 Pro and the Gear X earbuds in Berlin this past week. Just in time to hold the Thunder and Limelight of Apple’s iPhone. The gear sport is a watch similar to the S3. It can go underwater 50 meters and it’s slightly smaller than the last Galaxy Gear. All the watches are integrated with a fitness feature to track your calorie intake and how much exercise you’re doing through continuous heart rate tracking. It will synchronize with your other Samsung devices and will even track your swimming. The Samsung Fit 2 Pro, actually wraps around your wrist and can be used again for swimming and calorie estimation. The screen is much smaller but gives you a pretty good idea of how well you are performing athletically. Finally, the Gear Iconx Bluetooth headphones are still nothing compared to what Apple’s Beats. This now will give you up to five hours of streaming, compared to the 1.5 hours you were able to get on the original.


Bell Mobility announces they will be moving to RCS (Rich Communication Service). Which will be replacing SMS. (Short Message Service). Which is what we are mostly using when we text. Rich Communication Service, RCs will allow giving message read receipts, sending pictures and video easily and quickly. It’s similar to what Facebook messenger and the new Google also is using. Rogers will be also coming out with their solution but expect our text messaging to get a complete upgrade. All phones are capable of running this service, it’s the carriers that tend to be the one that is holding up the technology from being implemented.