Episode #13 - Pre-order 24k Gold iPhone 8, Tech Waist Belts, Electric Flying Taxi, and more

by: Adam

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Friday, September 7, 2017 – This week’s exciting topics

Remember when we had fingerprints and pin numbers to confirm your payment. That was so 2016. Now smile to pay is available for making purchases. First tested at a KFC location in China facial recognition and now pay for their fried chicken with a smile. Just register your face and you can now easily make payments and confirm that you are ready to swallow down some delicious KFC bucket of chicken. the program uses 3D cameras which give a liveness detection algorithm to avoid any kind of hacking.


Do you ever wonder how big your waist is? Or how you can get that cool smart wearing product to track your steps other than your wrist. The WELT is now available and it will track, steps, your waist size, and how long you been sitting and not to mention you’re over eating patterns.

Forget about the cost of hydro, consider the cost of what it’s going to take to release it from a hacker. US, Turkey and Switzerland energy firms have had many attacks from hackers trying to take over with malicious emails and Trojan software. This has happened in the past as in 2014 wave of attacks have caused power outages. This is a serious concern and attack on power grids is a new phenomenon especially with nuclear facilities and this is something we may want to consider for security purposes in Canada. I can only imagine if it gets hacked how much are rates will go up.


The new iPhone is estimated to come out above $1,200 and it’s not because of what you think. Samsung is the major reason the cost of your phone is going to be quite expensive.


Automation is creating more, often better-paying jobs — particularly in retail. As brick-and-mortar stores close by the thousands, the e-commerce boom has created new jobs that pay better, as workers increase productivity serving a larger customer base, The Wall Street Journal reports. Automation only hurts employment when an industry has fully met the demand for its products, like in the automobile industry — but Amazon and its e-tail cohorts are nowhere near that saturation point and though Amazon does hope to automate fulfillment center tasks, the company is growing at such a pace that the day it needs fewer human workers “still appears far off.” • Share your thoughts: #AutomationJobs


Lilium, a German company has got the funding in and will be getting its first all-electric, 5 seater, taxi plane in the air, within the year. The 70 staff will be retrofitted with a new form of taxis that can be called On Demand to meet at a near location with in Paris to Berlin. You can travel between the cities within an hour. The cost for traveling will not be as much as we think and the future of traveling between cities will no longer require commercial air cost.


We spoke about the Lamborghini phone coming out on top of the cost to have a smartphone. You can now pre-order to buy an iPhone 8 plated in 24 karat gold. Nothing says wealth like walking around with a $20,000 US phone.


There was a joke on the internet when the iPhone 7 first came out someone drilling directly into the phone and plugging in the headphone jack. There is actually a legitimate video showing how you can remove the barometric vent which allows you to know how high the elevation of the iPhone is, and you can apply it directly to a headphone jack. You will need to custom print and create the circuit board. The bottom line is it can be done!


Just when you thought American Express was dead. It’s not usually accepted at most places and it’s becoming more of a challenge to use. Air Miles is still popular, American Express has decided to create its own map system that will easily show you where American Express is available. Maps. Americanexpress.com is where you can go to determine where your AMEX card is accepted. Yes, I’m proud to say at the end marketing is one of those companies.


Facebook is now testing a new feature that is similar to Tinder. It will ask you if you want to see a friend. Sending them a message if they want to see you. When they click yes I want to it will inform both of you that you want to see each other. Facebook could be a new dating site.