Episode #14 - iPhone 8 with X Features, Number 2 Smartphone on the Market, Conductive Paint and more...

by: Adam

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Should you or should you NOT charge your battery to 100%???? I’ll advise to which is the right choice for your phone, tablet!

iPHONE 8 / X
* Mixed reviews on the product; High Pricing for 2 products.
* iPhone features:  facial recognition; OLED 4K display   (X only – no button), Wireless charging features.

  • Apple watch (Cell, texting and more)….been around for 4 years already with Samsung.  Works great with the health side

  • Apple full integration with the AR world.

  • Security features – removing after 5 presses on the button the fingerprint ability…requiring a passphrase which is NOT required by law and encrypts phone

  • A feature of the iPhone that I find useless is an emoji that can scan your face and turn it into a unicorn or a monkey when you send it to someone

  • According to Mr. Cook, we will never see headphones with a wire again with an Apple product so get ready for the best Bluetooth headphones on the market of course supported by beats which is owned by Apple


Samsung is already launching for next year the new note series foldable screen. Something that has existed for a while and was now officially announced on the day of the iPhone is an OLED screen that is foldable and is a smartphone.


The new app capable of detecting concussions is available. In the case of an injury you simply put your smartphone inside the case, turn on the app and it will measure the retinal of your eyes and can determine if you had a concussion immediately. Very handy for kids playing football or hockey of any sport that requires or can end up in a concussion situation.


A new facial recognition system will be used to identify masked protesters. The software using artificial intelligence has a 56% accuracy to be able to remove a scarf, mask or any other obstruction over the face that will allow authorities to know who could be causing damage or wearing that anonymous mask in precarious places.


An interesting point is that Tesla upgraded all the vehicles in Florida to give them an extra 47 miles, or 90 km distance to get out of the city. This upgrade was instantly done to allow them not to charge while driving.

Huawei became the second largest smartphone to be sold next to Samsung pushing Apple to number 3.


Humans will soon be the new electrical source to power most of our devices. As we keep hearing about wireless charging, and China a new fiber capability running similar to a windmill is capable of making the blood in our bodies being pumped turn into electricity. Think of it as a windmill going through your heart at such a rate the microfibers will generate an electrical current that can be used possibly to charge devices.


A new car software can now detect when you’re texting and driving. Engineered by Canada’s University of Waterloo. This app can be loaded on your phone and will recognize when you start texting and give you a warning to stop. The system uses in-car cameras and a computer algorithm to watch we are hand movements that deviate from normally associated with driving. This then trains the computer to match the movements similar to texting and having a cell phone conversation or even reaching over into the backseat. Should the system feel it is no longer safe it will warn the driver and even possibly take over the vehicle itself.


Google Maps is getting aggressive in helping consumers understand where accessibility is at. Currently, they are on an aggressive marketing campaign to have people advised what businesses are wheelchair-accessible. This will be a feature available when you’re searching for where to go to eat or where to purchase items if it will be accessibility.


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a conductive paint that can go on any surface allowing you to create your own touch screen or control your home. As an example imagine painting your wall and setting it up to turn your lights on just by touching anywhere on the surface. Or creating any other physical item to turn on a computer program. All done with paint. Currently, we’ve had touch screens that are only available through tablets and phones this new paint will now make anything touch capable.