Episode #15 - Tech Talk Alexa Powered Smart Glasses, Tesla AI chip for Self Driving cars, Nest Guard Key fob for your Smartphone and more...

by: Adam
Tech Talk for Friday, September 22, 2017 – Episode #15
Sept 22 – First day of Fall, the date sample they use when confirming your credit card AND Adam Oldfield’s Birthday!

Forget delivering to your house, Walmart wants to deliver in your house. The retailer is kicking up its delivery game by partnering with August smart home devices to allow for in-home drop-offs. Certain grocery items may even be put away in the fridge and freezer by the delivery person. The pilot will begin in the states, where customers will allow one-time entry into their homes by delivery drivers by using an August Smart Lock.


Startup creation is in decline — and that hits the whole economy. 414,000 businesses were created in 2015, a new Census Bureau report finds, compared to 558,000 in 2006. And according to earlier data, the number of companies less than a year old declined as a share of all businesses by nearly 44% between 1978 and 2012. The slump isn’t just due to the Great Recession; the blame on the rise of major corporations, which crowd the market and swallow competitors.  advancement, and job creation.

Remember the days when you only had one hour talk time on your phone? Oh, you don’t? Well, with the new Apple Series 3 watch that comes with LTE that’s all you’re going to get. A little flaw that I’m sure Steve Jobs would definitely not approve.


Electric bus company Proterra has achieved the ability to go 1000 miles, or 1770 km on one single charge. This new world record was set this week well testing in Indiana. This is a step in the right direction for what a lot of Municipalities and Cities will be able to take advantage and Coach buses traveling long distances.


Nikola has partnered with Bosh she creates a 1,200 mile, 1,931km These two companies are putting their technology capabilities together in a way that will create a zero-emission to the environment. The trucks will be referred to as Nikola 1 and 2 and will be on the market by 2021.


Not sure if you fed Buster? Well, This program from YaDoggie for a monthly fee will give you the food and all the materials needed to keep your puppy healthy and entertained. It comes with a new scoop will allow you to know the proper nutritional guidelines based on your dog and when it was last fed. Allowing it not to be overindulging from those puppy eyes. YaDoggie is a scooper and has the Algorithm to keep track of how to properly feed your dog and keeping it healthy for $50 a month, you get a shipment of dog food.


Remember the old days when you used to have to plug in your Tesla? Well, the patent that just got approved allows for you to easily swap out your battery for a fresh one in your Tesla. Think of it as a battery charge solution. I used to do this with my Note 3. Instead of plugging it in I would just put a fresh battery in. One of the programs they’re looking to launch will include a battery exchange allowing you to easily pull out a battery and put a fresh one in and keep going.  The system works similar to getting your oil changed. You would drive into a lift system it would rise pull off the battery and insert a new one.


Artificial Intelligence seems to be the latest craze. Apples on it and many others including Tesla where they have just made an agreement with AMD to develop their own AI chip for their self-driving car. This would allow for the vehicle to know certain trends and habits of the driver. This Artificial Intelligence will include the ability for better mileage and knowing your roots. As an example, if you love having a coffee at a certain store it will start to learn to know at what time you want to pick up a coffee.


There is now a set of glasses for the hard of hearing that uses audio cues to get you a visual aid of when someone is speaking to you. It works like a video game where a little light that will flash on the right or left side giving you indication someone’s trying to get your attention. The glasses will link with different colors indicating someone is approaching or trying to gain your attention.


Nest Secure just launched a new security system for $499 powered by Google home base station called Nest Guard. It comes with motion sensors, speaker and a panic button allowing you to use NFC key fob or your smartphone to easily turn it on and off this will connect to your doors and windows. What makes this product so unique is the fact that it is easily installed.


Forget to have Amazon Alexa sitting in your home, there is work being done on a working pair of Alexa powered smart glasses that will allow you to easily get your answers quickly and simply wearing them on your face. It is operated with voice controls and having a built-in camera that would give you the ability to connect wirelessly with your phone and has a bone conduction technology to vibrate off your skull into your ears.