Episode #16 - Tech Talk -Mosquito Away Technology, Deltas Unlimited Text Messaging, GPS Upgrade Pixel Phones New Features and more..

by: Adam

As Google makes a living on Advertising. It’s interesting that they now will let you report adds that know too much about you.  If you click this option, you’re confirming to Google that the ad was absolutely on point and to not only continue to serve ads similar to this but to validate the data they have as legitimate.


Good news for Netflix in Canada over 500 million dollars in five years on new Canadian product will be generated. It’s almost like our tax paying dollars can stop going to the CBC and we can all enjoy Netflix for our Canadian content requirement.


Your next phone to take into the woods should be an LG if you’re a fisherman or a camper. LG K7 I launched out of South Korea announced that it is now capable through emitting ultrasonic waves through the mesh on the back of the phone. LG has claimed air conditioners, and TVs are readily available with the mosquito away technology. However, this phone is rolling out of countries in India where malaria is an issue. It might even be handy in Canada especially in the Northern woods.


X seems to be the new code name for many phones, including the Samsung which just officially announced the folding phone will be coming out in 2018. As Samsung already has OLED on several phones it isn’t as much excitement as Apple is announcing with their product. The new folding phone should be available by the Fall.


The Internet of Things is such a wonderful thought, but when you actually put it into action, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, connected to the internet can actually cause a huge headache. It’s a big deal in regards to how these products have generic security, getting access through your router which may have a high security and the cameras and documenting of usage without your knowledge. However, your acceptance of purchasing the product gives permission. Make sure you do read the documentation when you purchase these items. Is important as they do to find whether the encryption data is protected and what they’re doing with your dad. Please make a note to turn off your devices when you’re not using them. we used to talk about upgrading your passwords for your computer and phone now you need to think about doing it for your appliances.


Who needs the internet and email when you can fly Delta Airlines and get unlimited text messaging. Delta has announced that you can now do unlimited text messaging while flying. The CEO did announce that there will never be the ability to take phone calls on the plane. Probably for the sake of the sanity of the other passengers.


Speaking of airlines. Netflix is making a partnership with several Airlines in Canada and the US where you will soon be able to watch your favorite programs easily in the air. This program should be rolling out within the next 6 months.


Remember when we used to have change when you purchase something? Coin flash is a new credit and debit purchase app that will actually tally up the difference of which your purchases are to the nearest penny. That difference of what you purchase will then be converted into a crypto-currency. Allowing you in time to save your pennies and eventually have a Bitcoin convert option when you make payments. Think of it as when you paste something for $1.36. It would round up to a $1.40 and the $0.04 would go towards your bit currency.


GPS is getting an upgrade. So far it’s pretty accurate within 50 to 100 m of where you’re located. You might notice sometimes when you’re driving down the highway your GPS thinks you are continuing straight when you’re really on the off ramp. The upgrades to the technology will be accurate up to 3 feet. Of where the device is located


Bell is getting quite aggressive and is becoming radical about blocking piracy websites. It’s such an epidemic that Bell claims Canada is one of the last Nations allowing for piracy to be easily streamed of illegal software and programs. Bell is pleaing to the CRTC to put regulations and play. There could be some changes coming that will stop all the Android programming that we are getting used to.


HTC was purchased for 1.1 billion by Google. The Pixel phone is going to continue to evolve and could be one of the top three phones will be speaking about in the future on Tech Talk. There are some features on the new phone I thought were interesting. There is no headphone jack, no buttons on the side, yet when you squeeze it, it will turn on the Google Assistant. There are speakers that are surround sound on a phone. This used to exist until Google remove them and finally super fast.