Episode #17 - Tech Talk - Smartphones will never be Cheap Phones, Gadgets to Keep you Warm and more...

by: Adam

Don’t expect smartphones to get any cheaper. In fact, you might want to keep your smartphone you have for a while. The main reason is because of OLED screens. The bezel screen is controlled by 3 companies. Samsung, LG and a company in Japan that is trying to catch up with the technology. The challenge is that OLED 4K bezel-less display is a huge demand on the future of smartphones. This high demand is creating a high-cost. In summary, Samsung stands to make the most money especially when it comes to providing the product to the iPhone X. Not to mention all the other smartphones will be migrating to this new technology as we as consumers demand it. The challenge is, do we want to spend the money .


Google just invented Lifelogging. We spoke about cameras around your neck filming your life. A Google’s taking it one step further. There’s a feature in Google photos that allows you to keep track of all your photos and memories. Even to have it unlimited. Google Clips is a portable camera that will take a photo and video of you it has an artificial intelligent power camera to capture those moments of people and pets that matter most to you. Keeping all your memories in line just set it up and let it clip and take a photo and video away


Samsung X the folding display, of course, this is a game-changer, however, what’s interesting is in early 2018 this phone will launch with a limited quantity not to take away from the S9. Think of it as a very high-end luxury vehicle that only a limited Supply will be existing and I’m willing to bet this will become a collector’s item.


The fact that every speaker is coming not only with the ability to play music but also now with a Smart Assistant. You will evidently be simply walk through any part of your home where there is a speaker and be able to call up Google or any other virtual assistant in seconds. At least that’s what Google and Amazon are banking on. There is going to be a slew of new speakers coming to the market with Echo Plus and Echo spot all giving you the simplistic communication of asking the time, the weather and what the traffic could be.


This cool gadget is necessary for all homes. For about $250 Canadian you can get a Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Garbage Can. That will compactor garbage 3 times the ability, allowing you to separate and crush more garbage into a smaller space. It’s amazing how much we use in airspace and garbage bags. This will compact it down similar to a car crush allowing you to put more trash and use fewer bags.


Moen you let you control the temperature the duration of your shower all this done with a Smart Shower. Nothing says getting in the shower that’s already running, using optimal water and giving you a time limit to clean yourself. This is where Smart Technologies are moving to a whole new level. The save on energy program in Ontario is probably going to offer an incentive on this product. Gone will be the days where you have to turn on the tap and stick your fingers under the water.


Sleep Number’s new  360 smart bed that automatically adjuss to your sleep position. There is nothing worse than feeling the temperature in your toes get cold at night. This smart bed will easily know what temperature you want all body parts to be and will adjust accordingly without you even needing to move or pull more sheets over your body. Nobody wants to get up in the middle of the night. This will automatically adjust based on your body temperature even in the case of a flu, it even will lower the temperature.


Maybe you have seen Google car drive by with those big cameras on the hood scoping and checking all of our streets. For $3500 US you can now purchase a Google Street View Camera and register yourself with Google to submit your car photos and have it available on Google Maps. You could now become providing what it looks like in your public neighborhood all to Google and at a very low cost.


Don’t expect smartphones to get any cheaper. However, you can expect the Samsung stock to go through the roof, as currently they are providing more than 30% of components for all smartphones. Not to mention the products are in high demand as they are required in most phones including the OLED. As much as we’d love to blame Samsung for being greedy, they will become a Powerhouse until the other manufacturers find a supplier and can meet the need of speed and memory we as consumers require.


If you’ve got an old Android device you can now update with a Google Parents kid friendly App called “Family Link”. Giving you the capability of ensuring that your child doesn’t accidentally see the wrong thing or get in touch with someone that they shouldn’t. You can download it easily through the App Store and apply it to any of your old Android devices.