Episode 18 - Tech Talk - Vader Vacuum, Smart Doorbell, Retail Partnerships, Smart Speakers, Casio Selfie Camera, iPhone X, Foldable screen

by: Adam

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It’s official, as of December AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM  is signing off. Once the leader in instant messaging with over 18 million users and became the main plot of a few movies including 1998 You’ve Got Mail. It’s sad, to think you had 18 million people actively using your system and now it’s no longer relevant.


Star Wars will be coming out shortly with the new film and I’m sure will be driving fans everywhere crazy. Look out for this Christmas for who’s going to want a dirt Vader vacuum made by Samsung that makes creepy breathing sounds. You have the option of a stormtrooper or Darth Vader to help you suck the force.


An Apple patent was released that reminds me of Back to the Future when Marty McFly put on his Nike shoes and they instantly fit him. Instead, this patent will allow your smartwatch to automatically adjust to your wrist.


Amazon Smart Doorbell could give delivery people access. In the past, we discussed how Walmart was going to be looking at providing home delivery groceries directly to your home. Getting one-time access into your house. Amazon Smart Doorbell pre-approved individual to get into your home to drop the items off.


The unlikely partnership of Target and Walmart coming together to take on an e-commerce solution. You know Amazon is getting big when those companies need to partner to be able to compete with how big Amazon is getting. The partnership will include search engine and online e-commerce. However, in light of Sears not being Innovative enough to battle the retail market, it doesn’t surprise me that these big retail stores are trying to make some small dent in the retail sales market.


Google how to disable it’s $50 Smart Speaker after the gadget was discovered to be listening at all times without permission to all conversations around it. In light of all of the security features going on Google will add a way to disable this feature and are coming up with a patch.


Equifax got some pretty big heat when their database was stolen. Unfortunately, this is becoming a regular occurrence. In fact, it has just been proven that another 150 million users have once again been compromised. This has gone a little too far and it was proven that Equifax had the username and password as admin even after the first breach.


If you’ve been to a hotel recently, 41 hotels got hacked 4 customers who had their credit card information and data compromised.


Do you remember the Casio calculator? They have one time had an amazing Personal Agenda. In fact, I remember I’m putting all my contacts into it thinking it was the most amazing thing in the world. Well, Casio is the number one selfie camera maker in the world. Just when you thought your phone was strong enough to take the perfect selfie in China Casio is selling a selfie camera for $900. However, it comes with LED lights soft Imaging and gives that perfect profile photo you’ve always wanted for Facebook. There will be a cheaper model for $500 coming out soon. For the selfie photographer who can’t get enough this will be your best solution.


Delta Airlines announced a few weeks ago that they will be offering free text messaging to all passengers. Delta has now announced that you will no longer need to stand in line to check in. You will could now easily check in immediately with your app. You’ve been able to use your app to book your seats, but this will be the first the airline will no longer have a desk counter to check your bags in. Your app will qualify your bags and you will now board your plane with your app. Considering your visual scanner, fingerprints and data is all pretty much identifying who you are.


Have you ever been in a room and everybody’s either too hot or too cold or you’re the only one that seems the temperature is out of whack? A new product is on the market that will determine your body temperature and the temperature around you. Embr Wave will adjust accordingly giving you that little shiver in your wrist sending your brainwaves to think your body temperature needs to drop. It’s like a psychological Kick In The Head. I can imagine wearing this on the beach in Cuba being told I’m colder than I am.


The iPhone 8 hasn’t even completely been sold off the shelves yet and the iPhone X has yet to be released but Apple has announced the new future iPhone will also have a foldable screen. Just in time to go up again Samsung’s announcement to come out in the spring.