Episode #20 - Friday October 21, 2017 - Fish Camera, Smart Light, Students Attendance with Facial Recognition, Smart Mug and more...

by: Adam

Episode #20 – Fish Camera, smart light switch and more.

Do you love your fish?  Now you can be a little closer to them with a camera that actually will log their actions, take a photo or keep a video of your loved fish with you. Nothing says tranquility than traveling and knowing your fish are well taken care of.


The Pixel phone is one of the best on the market. In fact, it’s so good it’s actually comparable to the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. However, there is a serious concern of Burnet. A popular problem with screens of the past when they were plasma but it’s happening right away if you leave your phone on.

Samsung likes to make fun of itself in fact so much so they had a great marketing gimmick this past week in Spain. People that boarded a plane heading to Germany all received a Note 8. They explained that it was safe to turn on the Note 8 during this flight. A recall from a year ago with the Note 7 which was banned on every airline in the world and came with a hefty fine if you were caught using it.

Samsung surprises airplane passengers with Galaxy Note 8 giveaway

The days of skipping class and having the phone call your home at the end of the day is pretty much going to end. A new facial recognition system is now being implemented in colleges in Europe and China where students will have to stand in front of a tablet and their face will be logged as attendance. If you don’t show up or have someone try to show up in your place this will prompt a warning. I’m glad they didn’t have this back in my day I would never have passed my exams.


There’s a new fidget spinner on the market for Christmas. Just annoying enough that it’s going to be popular. Where the fidget spinner is a very thin device that held between two fingers would spin constantly. This new fidget spinner is a block that spins and displays lights. Think of it as a Rubik’s Cube that spins between your fingers

All this work about updating LED lights and having Smart LED bulbs is a waste of time according to a company called noon. The new way of incorporating your smart lights is to use a switch. Smart light switches will be capable of working with your existing bulbs. Allowing you to dim and control the lights.


Nothing says laziness than having your mug stir your coffee for you. This new smart mug comes with the capability of having a temperature gauge and allowing your coffee or to be at the perfect temperature. You can set all of these parameters through your app. Allowing you to put your milk and sugar and letting it stir appropriately so in the case it sits for a while it can heat up and stir it again for you without getting up and going to the microwave.


Australia is taking the money already report to a whole new level. We reported on a few weeks back about how computer systems in the police authority will predict when you may commit a crime. Now, this algorithm system is being used with young suspects allowing police authorities to determine whether to place charges without proving the child actually did the crime. This is currently being used with children between 16 and 11 years old.


A new electric bike that allows you to ride on water is now available. It works like a hydroplane and you can ride your bike on any surface of water, rivers, lakes and even the ocean. The hydroplane electric bike allows you to pedal your power and utilizes the electric bike to give yourself a break. I’m sure the first electric bike crossing across the ocean will be a goal of someone in the immediate future.


Xbox, Microsoft Kinects has officially what the product in the Forgotten pile. As this product when it first came out would actually allow you to get off the chair and move to the actions of the video game. This product has been put to bed and virtual reality will be the focus of Microsoft in the future. It appears Microsoft is putting a few of their products on the shelf including the smartphone and now the Kinects.