Episode #21 - Tech Talk - Friday, November 3, 2017 - Social Headphones, GardenSpace, Commuter Trucker Tech Jacket and more...

by: Adam

Episode 21 – Smart Gear, Recycled Phones and more…

GardenSpace – Is going to turn anyone into a green thumb expert. This little device goes into your garden it knows what you’ve planted and exactly how much water based on that crop it needs, taking out all the guesswork. You run your top into this device then hook up your app link it through WiFi and you’ll be able to see as well the progress of your plants and how they grow, giving you the feeling that you’re actually doing a green thumb act.


Grammarly — The famous software that helps you correct your grammar in your emails on the desktop is now available on iPhone. Yes, this amazing new app software will correct all your emails you type allowing for those typos to be resolved before sending off. You can update and add this to your iPhone immediately.


Do you ever wonder what someone’s listening to when you see they have their headphones on and bop in their head while listening to music?  There is a new product that is now creating social headphones. These headphones allow you to wear one set of headphones and share the same message across all headphones. This will be very handy on an airline as you’re flying or when you’re sitting beside your friends and someone is controlling the radio.  Called: Wearhaus Arc Social Headphones.


Nothing says revenge like porn shared on Facebook. Facebook is rolling out a pilot program to prevent that revenge anger from coming out. It is currently being tested in Australia, then the US, the United Kingdom and then Canada. This pilot is an extension of a tool through Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to prevent any of the intimate images from being shared without the permission of the individual. You can feel safe having that intimate moment filming it and knowing if you break up Facebook won’t let it get shared in the future.


Levi’s Commuter trucker jacket is basically a gadget you wear which allows you to connect to your Android device to play and pause music, get directions using audio on your phone, reading up on coming messages and use a different gesture and it will work with a different app. There’s a little catch, unfortunately, that comes with this coat. The $350 you’re only able to wash it 10 times. The reason, the technology uses a magnetic polarized thread and of course, the washing machine will depolarize it that’s causing the smart jacket to be nothing but a jacket.


Blackberry is back with the Blackberry motion coming to Canada on November 10th for $599 Canadian. Operating on Android and secured by Blackberry’s software encryption system. You can now be able to buy this amazing device. Great battery life and high-security.

BlackBerry Motion heading to Canada November 10 for $599 CAD

Razor now is official $699 and output forms the Samsung S8 in speed and power. It’s actually quite impressive considering it’s more like a gaming phone. The razor was very popular in the 2000s as that then cell phone. it even has the loudest speakers and is deemed the best mobile phone for playing games. The biggest impressive mark on this phone is the fact that the battery is a 4000 milliamp which will give you up to 3 days of regular use.


If you’re looking for that real dirt cheap phone running smart device get the Nokia too. For only $120 this phone will give you all the power you need and a massive battery to give you up to a week operating time. Nothing fancy, it lets you talk, text, simply browse and do the basics you need. And give you a long time before you need to charge it.

Samsung has released on their website ways you can use their old phones. As an example I use my Blackberry tablet as a clock. It’s actually quite impressive and very pretty. Samsung’s giving a bunch of tips on how you can utilize one of their phones as we are migrating and updating. It’s called Galaxy upcycling.  I used to of my tablets from Galaxy bat link directly as a door monitor