Episode #22 - Tech Talk - Scan for Skin Cancer, Electric Toothbrush Tech, Mirror Tech, Microsofts Resume Assistant and more...

by: Adam

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It’s about time that scammers get a little taste of their own medicine. Netsafe developed a bot that will constantly inundate the email scammers ers with a never-ending stream of questions that will be created from the scamming email. Overloading their system.


Create for Christmas is the Oral-B genius 9000 s electronic toothbrush. Nothing says clean teeth like an electric toothbrush that comes with a Bluetooth connection with an App on your phone. It advises exactly how much plaque you’ve got removed and how well you need to properly keep care of your teeth and gums. A great Christmas gift.

Kudos go to McMaster University which beat out over a thousand ideas from around the world for coming up with an engineered idea that can easily detect skin cancer without a true seen or impacting the skin. This is a painless solution and it’s called the sKan.  This is the second time a Canadian team has won the award in 13 years.


Microsoft has a new resume assistant that will integrate with LinkedIn to make your resume even better. The old templates that you can try to figure out can be easily optimized to allow you to create that perfect resume when submitting it to your next job interview.


Last week we talked about Levi’s jeans that has smart codes in it in the fabric. Well, clothes are about to get a little smarter from many different manufacturers. This text I’ll keep you warm with the turn of a dial and can power your phone with normal movements.  A team from the University of Washington is working on information that even goes as far as storing the data to allow you to have access to locked environments. This specific clothing comes with a data remembering fabric that will keep your passcodes for when you need to get into your home or office. It keeps a memory log in the fabric itself.


HiMirror is the perfect device for makeup lovers. The mirror analyzes and keeps track of how you’re taking care of your skin, as well as gives you tips and trips for not only makeup looks, but for washing your face and keeping your skin healthy. It also updates you on fashion trends and lets you play music.


With iPhone x and Note 8 coming out with 6-inch displays and even the future of folding displays one phone just got launched that is as small as Derek Zoolander.  It’s called the Nichephone-S.   If you remember the movie he had the tiniest phone in the world and if you can believe it a new phone came on the market that will be about that size if you just want to make a phone call and your eyes are strong enough to see the small display you can text as well. Sometimes you just want to answer the phone and you just want to keep it in the smallest crevice possible.


Tablet sales are down, however, the new iPad will be coming out and with it the face ID similar to the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The other thing that’s interesting the iPad won’t have a button. Similar to the iPhone X you will no longer need to push a button and you’ll have to start to get used to how it operates. Unfortunately, the iPad will not come with the OLED.



Sometimes you’re strapped for battery power so you can grab that lighter charger that you plug into your car and hook up your iPhone. Keep in mind this might be a huge mistake as it could destroy your battery. To start the electricity from your phone really needs quite the charge with an iPhone and most cases the lighter charger that’s in the car won’t allow it to charge effectively. This gives the wrong electrical import directly to the battery. What’s more, charging your phone while on the road could drain your car battery at the same time depending on how healthy it is. But if you have an older model you might want to avoid charging your phone through the USB port or get yourself a battery pack and bring it with you when you travel.


If you’re a traveler like myself sometimes you just need to get your clothes clean. You sometimes feel some coffee on your front shirt. Well, the Sonic Soak is now available as a mobile palm-sized device that you can take anywhere. Simply place it in a bowl of water alongside anything else you want clean and it will ultrasonic waves disintegrate the dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level. The ultrasonic sounds the liquid environment creating captivated bubbles the bubbles hit the surface of what you want clean and it makes the resulting pressure to wash out dirt grime oil and bacteria. And have clean clothes on the road.


There’s been a lot of cases of Apple versus Samsung and knowing they get along at the same time argue a lot. This electronic romance has resulted in a final decision by the courts awarding Apple 120 million dollars from the patent to slide to unlock. This is a big milestone and cannot be overturned or appealed. It also sets a precedent for the future of all devices and past for license fees that will be paid to Apple from Samsung. There are currently a few more cases outstanding the next one is worth more than 1 billion which was whittled down to 400 million, however, Samsung has gone back to the courts in May to debate how the damages should be calculated.