Episode #23 - Friday, November 24, 2017 -Taxman Cyptocurrency, Loblaws Delivers, SS7 Technology Tracks, Razor phone, Samsung Folding Phone to Tablet

by: Adam

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You can’t get away from the taxman cryptocurrency is now regulated as part of the CRA tax rules. Regardless of whether you earn it or spend it.  It is applicable to HST and income taxes based on the current rate. So keep in mind if you’re going to be making any purchases or data mining in any capacity you will be required to submit your taxes accordingly.


Loblaws is going to be moving towards the Amazon world setting up a brochure committed to home delivery starting in December. Canada will be looking at the strategy from coast to coast and intends to deliver food at home of course at a fee. The plans are still being worked on and should be somewhat rolled out in the next week.


There was a test done with an NDP MP out of Quebec and set up with a burner phone with the phone number only given to a German hacking group. The result was in a matter of a week it was recording phone calls, tracking specifically where he was located and all done with a phone number using SS7. SS7 is exactly how all towers are tracking phones and sending signals. Canada has a very weak protection and security features.  Rogers and Bell refused to comment on it other than they sat on the committee and are dedicated to the security of Canadians. This is something I brought up over a year ago in regards to our privacy truly is not secure in Canada. You would think with only a few providers on the field we would have had much stronger security.


Android and Google are under a lot of heat and even though you may have on your settings ‘do not follow me or track me’. Google is still continuing to track your information without your permission. It’s claimed that Google or alphabet that they are removing and deleting any information that is stored. Of course, that is never to be confirmed when a big company without much security of its own is claiming it. So keep in mind that your information may be tracked even though it says you are not. The fact that are cell towers in Canada is 90% open 2 tracking and security issues based on just a cell number. We have a lot of issues.


The Razor phone which was famous in the early 2000’s as the major flip phone has now launched its newest smartphone. It’s more geared towards those that love gaming mobile and the quality of the smartphone is pretty standard against the others on the market. What makes the Razor phone a little more robust is the fact it’s got 120-hertz refresh rate. Compared to a normal 60-hertz refresh rate which really will tell the difference between a standard phone and high-quality. To compare and give you an idea scrolling will be so smooth you’ll never want to go back. 4K is amazing but on the small screen, you really only need 2K. Our human minds are only capable of seeing things to a certain degree, so 4K on a small screen is a little overkill.


Medically speaking Google Glasses are going to help those who are fully blind better see and give them independence. Combined with an app called Arris. You will now pay $89 a month and it connects through Google Maps and gives you a live agent to give you specific details on where you want to go. Of course, it releases a lot of privacy issues but that said it gives a true Independence to someone blind to not have to use a cane or seeing-eye dog. The way it works is Google Glass acts as a monitor that allows you to connect to an agent guiding you with how many steps and details giving you clarity as to where and what to see when you’re walking. Of course, there are hindrances and one of them is if it’s too dark or too right outside Google Glass can’t differentiate and the agent may not be able to see.


Get ready for education to have serious issues with cheating. This is been a major problem in Europe where students have been caught with digital glasses with tiny cameras that will scan an exam and they’re smartwatches for turning the answers from the user on the other end. This is been an epidemic and is going to continue to be a major concern with the fact that our technology is getting very small and with instant communication allows for easy cheating at any given time.


We’ve seen smartwatches. However, this Smartwatch takes it to a whole new level with the ability to truly have 7 sensors inside the watch and keeps a constant monitor of your heart rate and medical condition. It also links directly to an emergency office in the case that something exceeds the ability of the person. In the case of an allergy, this watch will actually assist when you’re having an asthmatic attack or are in a position that you may be subjected to a serious allergy attack. All share a story of what happened with Michelle in regards to her having an attack.


A new product available called Virility Medical is a patch that you can purchase and place it below the male genitalia. It actually works with your smartphone and you can use the magnetic signals from the patch to stimulate or suppress your excitement. You can apply it early and wear it in case you have a moment of sexual excitement off the cuff. Of course, after it’s used you can throw it away and grab another one. This might be medically a lot safer than Viagra. However, very creepy knowing that you’re using your smartphone to control your stimulation or suppressing it.


Not to be outdone iPhone has a patent that has been issued that is a radical iBook device that will be transforming a phone into a tablet. Pretty soon you may not have the option of an iPhone and an iPad Mini. As they will be linked as one.


And when you find Girl Scouts with patches and learning how to cook and survive in the wilderness was pretty much a great past time and years in the making. 2 new patches have been included to the Girl Scouts roster. A badge and Robotics and cybersecurity. A sign of the times that girl scouts still have a future for our young female leaders.