Episode 25 - Tech Talk -Friday, December 8th, 2017 -Digital Kitties as Currency, Die with 3-D Printing, Google vs Amazon and more...

by: Adam

In case you missed it here was today’s line up of topics discussed on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield

You always count on your GPS and directional unit on your phone whether it’s Google Maps or iPhone map to help you get where you need to be the quickest way. The problem is Maps haven’t incorporated with natural disasters. Meaning, it may steer you to a road less traveled even know there is a critical problem. In LA right now cars are being diverted towards fires that are possible to cross the road and cause damage. Lessor urging most developers including Google and apple to figure a way that it can be notified and not direct traffic into the  Less Traveled route.


We’ve heard about cryptocurrency and with Bitcoin reaching $15,000 and 19000 in Korea, there is a new form of cryptocurrency that is going to grow and the last end 9 days a company called crypto kitties has started and raised already 3 million dollars. How does it work? Use real money to purchase a digital Kitty. You grow that kitty and take care of it, allowing you to have kittens. These kittens can now be used as of value to sell and use as a form of cryptocurrency. Think of it as a game that you build and grow. Similar the way Bitcoin you would mine it now you can have a kitten and grow it.


3D printers are all the rich and we can expect 3D printers to continue to be a forefront of our changing economy and future. As an example of the 3D printer will allow you to make your own shoes or even your own clothes. You would download the stacks loaded onto your printer and it will create it for you. However, this 3D printed death chamber is something of a unique source. Create it in  Netherlands you can now go through a test to complete your sound of mind if you wish to commit suicide. However, this is a painless seamless way to go. You climb in a chamber that looks like something from a video game, it feels full of oxygen where you fall asleep and you then die quietly. This death chamber is possibly the scariest and coolest thing.


Facebook once a new growing audience, Facebook has targeted children. Something that is like ‘Messenger’ that allows for a friendly environment that parents can monitor. Facebook finds value by giving children the chance to communicate with their parents and friends under a monitored environment and build their future clients. This is hoping to migrate into the Facebook environment.


There’s a battle going on between Amazon and Google and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better. If anyone wants to know what net neutrality is like we are seeing it on a large corporate level. Amazon does not allow Google to sell its products through its stores retaliated by removing YouTube from all of Amazon’s products. Meaning you will no longer be able to call a YouTube video through Alexa or through any Amazon Fire tablets. Pretty soon you may not be able to search Google on any Amazon product until the resolution is resolved.


Amazon might have outsmarted Google with a new patent. Amazon has signaled it is going to take on YouTube, Facebook Instagram and other media platforms for digital ad spending how? Starting in January we can expect to see user reviews in video form on products. Imagine getting a video overview of someone’s comments directly with an Amazon. Right now you made Google on YouTube how to install a product or what your thoughts are on a product Amazon’s patent is content-based price reductions and incentives. A great way to grow an audience and add Revenue having the chance to have ads directly on review on the product itself. This might alter the option of YouTube and Amazon as an option to watch videos.

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices, escalating Silicon Valley feud

Google supercomputer created its own artificial child and it can outperform any machine made by humans now. Identifying photos as to human, animal and continues to teach itself and grow. This particular AI recognizes these items and a real time video, allowing it to continue to develop and build. Facebook was doing something of a similar nature and Google is looking for this to grow in their environment.