Episode #27 - Tech Talk - Friday, December 22, 2017 -T1 Worlds TIniest Phone, Switching Providers Just Got Easier, Google Maps New Feature, Turntable Digitizes Vinyl

by: Adam

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Talk about the last straw! There is now a new edible straw that could reduce plastic waste as over 500 million plastic straws are discarded every day in the United States. The straws are made of seaweed and are completely decomposable and can be used for fertilizer. It’s called Lolistraw.  It’s now on Kickstarter!


Remember last week I said there is now smart luggage and all the cool features you can get with it? American Airlines became the first carrier to put a policy in place regarding the Hi-Tech products. Passengers will be required to remove all batteries from Smart luggage before checking it. If it’s not possible the bag must be brought on the plane as a carry-on and the batteries must remain off. Since then Delta, Alaska of all now put the plans in place. Why? Smart luggage typically has a feature of a USB to recharge, GPS tracking to find lost bags and electronic lock. The Lithium-ion batteries are prone to Catching Fire. Remember the Note 7?


Imagine just texting and getting a new provider. In the UK they just launched ‘Ofcom’, which will make it so simple to change providers instantly. The customer requests to switching, with a single code by texting a free number or going online or by simply calling the provider. The customer received the code with the account details and any outstanding charges. When the customer is ready to switch they give the code to the new provider, the switch is done within one working day the old service ends immediately. No fuss no muss.

Want to switch your provider? Soon you’ll be able to do it with a single text in the UK

Speaking of cellular switching, Shaw has really rattled some feathers with their plans. Not even 6 months ago you couldn’t get more than a 5 gig plan for $85 a month. In less than 2 months, you can now get a $75 plan that gives you 10 gigs up to 12, depending on what provider you have. Obviously, Rogers, Telus, and Bell felt the pain as they are now coming to the table. A pure example of where capitalism works and competition is critical for the consumer.


Facebook has a new facial recognition program that I mentioned previously alerting you when someone uploads a photo of you without your permission. It will tag you whenever a photo that looks like you is being uploaded. This feature is easily capable of being turned off as Facebook heard a bit of a backlash. As such it will be an optional feature that will be defaulted and you can go into your settings and turn it off.


Facebook also has this facial recognition program that will help the blind know who was in a photo. Facebook is committed to disability and accessibility and as such people with visual impairments are going to be able to easily know who’s in a photo. Of course, if you shut that feature off no one’s going to know who you are.


Change the rules and have everybody gets fined for texting and walking or distracted walking. There’s now a solution. Since society seems to be more distracted than ever by the day. Google has a solution for those with a slower capacity to think. There is a new feature in Google maps that will now prompt you to get off the bus. Since we have watches that tell us when to breathe, it makes perfect sense that now you can be told by Google that your next stop is coming up and you need to get off. That way you can keep your face buried into your Instagram and not worry about looking up at what stop you’re at.

Google Maps set to offer real-time tracking when you’re on the bus or train

Talk about calling the kettle black, a Chinese clothing brand has sued Apple for stealing its logo that is used for the App Store. How ironic that China is upset that Apple copied something from it.


There’s a new turntable that will allow you to digitize all your vinyl collections. This turntable easily will allow you to play and get that quality sound of the needle on the record in a digital form that you can upload easily to your Google or iTunes music store.


The T1 is the world’s tiniest smallest mobile phone. No bigger than your thumb it allows you to dial numbers and take a phone call. If you need that phone that just doesn’t weigh more than 200 g this is the phone for you.


A Miami condo is offering a gorgeous luxury unit that you can only buy with Bitcoin. So for $33 you can get yourself a 2.1 million dollar looking condo. Of course, converted in today’s rates that’s equal to $556,000. for only 33 Bitcoins.