Episode #28 - Friday December 8th, 2018 - Tech Talk Olympics Facial Recognition, Phone Case Ring Proposal, Stronger Wifi Signal with Extended Antenna,

by: Adam

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 Olympics facial recognition, Intel Bug, Propose with this new iPhone case.

We talked about the internet of things and there is a new device that is available called Akita Instant Privacy. You plug it in, connect to your router and it will look for suspicious activity and it actually will bury your private information as it does not save it on the cloud.


You’re standing outside on your patio and you realize you’re just too far away to get that internet WiFi signal on your laptop or iPad. This new device from Netgear is water resistant and a satellite that extends your internet capability up to 2500 ft. Because heaven forbid if you didn’t have Internet available to you everywhere on your property and a 2500 square feet that’s equal to having a barn a garden or down by the river.


You would think that Bitcoin is a new thing, however, it is celebrating 9 years this year. The market is volatile currently with Bitcoin as the value of it is still circumstantial. However, 9 years says a lot about a digital currency that it’s got some longevity.


If you can believe it last year I was talking about how smart-wear is all about Fitness. Unfortunately, the Fitness World just isn’t working for us. Fitbit is struggling and it looks like it’s Samsung and Apple that are holding it steady with their health monitoring smart-wear.

In light of this, some things we can expect and I expect to share with everyone is some devices at the CES show including delivering telemedicine through augmented reality and a cloud-connected hearing aid. This will allow for real-time medical professionals and patients to have dialogue versus visiting the doctor.


You remember when 4K TVs were the rage. This year 8K TVs are going to be coming to the market. There is nothing that says clarity like something the human eye can’t see. Samsung will be launching their new 150 in 8k TV or about 33 million pixels.


Remember when the latest gadget was just a mousetrap well this one is now a better litter box? This litter robot is an automated litter globe that will easily separate your kitty litter with clumps and drops into a carbon filter tray which will empty only 7 to 10 days per cat.


Snore Circle eye mask is a sleeping mask that can reduce your snoring. As snoring usually occurs with your throat muscles loosening up when you sleep. This I’m asked triggers a reaction to your brain that tightens your throat muscles and opens the airway so you can breathe much easier. Think of it as a night mask that removes your snoring.


Ever feel that your WiFi signal on your iPhone just isn’t what you’re expecting or your cellular data seems slow even though it says it’s got full power? There’s an iPhone case that allows you to easily connect and it has a micro antenna that will allow for a stronger cellular and WiFi signal its called Firefly. It gives you quality high-speed data easily. It’s like the old can tell phones that you would pull the antenna up so you can get a better audio signal.


If you have an Intel microprocessor and a computer that’s been purchased in the last 10 years you are very much susceptible to the Spectre Virus. Allows for unauthorized programs to easily know the layout or contents of your phone. It works on Windows, Linux or Mac and if you use JavaScript on a browser which every browser does then you are pretty much open to being hacked. There is a software update coming for pretty much every Intel phone and laptop and when it does arrive please make sure you do the upgrade.


Unfortunately, it looks like the Note 8 battery disaster might be coming back. It’s not exactly as catastrophic as the Note 7, however, Note 8 phones stop working and accepting a charge after they’ve been drained down to 0% the good news is it’s not exploding, the bad news is Samsung is working on a patch or replacement. A good tip of advice is to keep your battery at 40 and 70% before recharging and the biggest issue is instead of it exploding they become brick or dead before they need a jump start.


Remember the old days when you used to put a ring in your pocket get down on one knee and propose? RockShox is selling a phone case that will hide your engagement ring and even comes with an app that will capture the reaction and you giving the ring at the same time. The best thing you could purchase to capture that moment of her saying yes or putting it on YouTube for a good laugh in the case she says no.


Tokyo Olympics in 2020 have announced that they will use facial recognition for security. What this means is when you get your ticket you will need to put your identity into the facial recognition system to ensure your entrance and attendance is logged. The good news is you can you walk away freely through the Olympic environment without constant security. If you’re okay with your entire privacy being monitored.