Episode 30 - Tech Talk Friday, January 12, 2018 -CES SHOW with cool tech, Smart bathroom, Smart undies, and Razor Phone laptops and more

by: Adam

The CES show was in Vegas this past week and there will be lots of items to go through over the next future Tech Talk shows. So I thought I would go through and give my highlights on items that were spectacular.

Razor, once the sleekest thinnest phone has come up with something that even Mr. Oldfield is super stoked about. Imagine a laptop where the trackpad gets replaced with your smartphone? Razor has introduced a laptop that you can now do this. The touch display on the phone becomes your trackpad and it comes with extra battery components so it keeps your phone charged. Operating the Android system right on your laptop. There were a few gadgets at the CES show that I thought was amazing. The first one is a Sleeping Mask. You wrap it around your head and it has light technology and records your sleep experiences. To help calm and relax. It even comes with an LED infrared to help you wake up.


A new alarm clock that is digital that enables you to smell the fresh scent of lavender. Giving you that sleepy gaze and comfort. It also comes with the order of ass to help you wake up.


It’s finally here a Jetson looking robot you’ve always wanted. It will help you clean, bring you a cold beverage, vacuum or even help you put random stuff you’ve left on the floor the night before in the proper place. This robot is called AEOLUS.


Imagine putting your clothes in a machine that looks like a printer and it folds your shirts and your pants in seconds. Folding is one of those challenges of every homeowner and ‘Foldimate” is a solution for any bachelor or person who hates to do laundry.

if you hate folding clothes, FoldiMate will fold them for you into neat piles

There is now a Smart Lock that is powered by the sun this connects to a proprietary Lithium Polymer battery and links to a solar panel meaning your lock is charged by the sun even if it’s in the shade never to worry about changing the battery.


You may not be good with your money but your credit cards going to be a lot smarter. This card has an extra Innovation that can be not only programs like a debit, credit, loyalty card it actually has a cell phone chip inside and will link with US Banks. This reprogrammable credit card is extremely easy to use it has a small e-link read out in the front and two clickable buttons. You scroll through different options and pick the one you want to use. The wallet never runs out of battery because the small organic chip recharges itself and it even fits into a wallet the cell phone connect directly with the bank allowing the information to never be hacked and if you ever feel the card has been compromised it can be instantly updated and changed.


So there is another new Smart Wear and unlike Levi’s this is called Skin. A new line of smart underwear and bras filled with text details that track was happening with your body and you can control it with your smart home. They have six different sensors that can track your heart rate, temperature, pressure and motion and your body fat and hydration levels the sensors are constantly collecting and analyzing data and sending it to your phone. It will be the first pair of underwear you paid $279.


The Naväge Nose Cleaner is the neti pot of the 21st century. It uses a gentle suction to pull water into one nose and out the other. It claims to flush out allergens, mucus, germs, and dust and relieve congestion. All your snot will go into the bottom portion of the device, which is a bit gross, but not as messy as a neti pot.


Kohler is trying to make them the next big thing. The kitchen and bath product company has announced a number of smart bathroom products at CES 2018.  So you’ll no longer have to press any buttons to turn your appliances on and off — yelling from the toilet will suffice.    The Mirror will adjust light when youcome in the room.  Listen to the news, music….you can replace your Google Home or Echo.


Bathtub – Adjust the water temp with your voice.  Change the water presssure, play music, turn on a light or just turn it off or on automatcilly.  Set your ideal bath temperature and depth.  Just say…”Start my bath.”

Toilet – intelligent toilet is equipped with colored lighting, music functionality, a heated seat, and a foot warmer,  a toilet seat that will heat your behind as you do your business and with the company’s Touchless Flush technology, you can flush via motion sensor, so you’ll no longer have to touch that  — let’s be honest!