Episode #33 - Friday, February 2, 2018 - Tech Talk - Cryptocurrency, YouTube TV, Elon Musks Flamethrowers Sold Out, Smart Socks and more...

by: Adam

If you missed Tech Talk last Friday here are the topics that were discussed. Listen to Adam Oldfield every Friday at 11:35 am on AM900 CHML!

We’ve heard about autonomous driving vehicles and how they are about to come through the US and Ontario licensing, however, in the oil sands Suncor is now using driverless Haul trucks on oil sands. Making it much safer and we can expect to see a lot more autonomous heavy equipment being used in remote areas.


I would have never mentioned Jaguar. Nice car, but not one I’ve never been a big fan of until I have seen their Arctic SUV electric vehicle. Jaguar was showing off in Norway. Recently 10 of their models that are 100% electric have proven that they can last in the deep cold weather. Their main purpose was to show Tesla had nothing on Northern climate manufacturing. The battery lasts longer and can charge in cold climates.


Sobi better watch out as Uber just launched in San Francisco with an aggressive plan to get into every city renting bikes. However, we instead of pedaling these will be electric bikes, you’ll be able to pick it up and take it to your location rented by the hour, have a subscription and use it very similar to Pedal Power.


As we can see cable television continues to alter and needs to change. YouTube TV is now available for $35 a month to get all the major American networks. Roku just announced you can now have access easily with your subscription. Canada really needs to up their game on the cable distribution Network and start making some Partnerships.


Cryptocurrency is taking a downfall and in the last week has dropped more than 50% closing at around $8,000 US. This is not anything different. Cryptocurrency is the future yes, however, there is still a lot of work with regards to getting it mainstream. In the last month-and-a-half Japan and a few other new cryptocurrencies, all got hacked 4 / 450 million dollars in value. I say hold on tight as it’s going to become a little wild west on the electronic currency world.


I’ll be talking about Elon Musk a lot as he’s got some commitments and expectations to achieve. One of the interesting points is Elon Musk does not take a salary and cannot do so until he achieves certain Milestones with Tesla. If Tesla succeeds he will truly be the richest man in the universe. If it fails he loses everything. Of course with his income, he’s not in any Dire Straits. However, on another note, the boring company launched its flamethrowers online and sold out. If you want to buy one they are now going for triple the price on eBay.


We all love electronic gadgets. This one I personally don’t have an interest in buying for myself, however, if you are a risky person in the bedroom you need to keep in mind some of these smart sexual toys can be a danger. One thing to keep in mind is that a product called Vibratissimo Panty Buster. Provides a unique ID that you can text or email to a friend who can give control remotely to the device. Pretty cool right? Other than the fact that the unique ID isn’t quite long and could be easily hacked meaning your information and private moments could be shared with a complete stranger. Some of these come with a camera and should be noted these are super easy to hack. The moral of the story is there’s a lot of risk when it comes to letting someone control your sexual thrills in the bedroom using the internet.


Get ready for air taxis as JetBlue is looking to provide an air taxi courtesy of development from Toyota. The product includes a plane that has 150 mile, 300 km range on a single battery charge for a silent flight for a quiet takeoff and landing making the airways soon-to-be a very busy place we’re moving citizens.


We’ve seen Fitbit we’ve seen smart clothing and even smart shoes, but what you really need is Smart Socks. The Smart Socks are great for runners, comes with an app and a virtual training showing you how fast you are running, keeps track of your methods so you can reduce your injury and allows you to keep a true number of how many steps along with heart rate monitoring. There is no information in respect to what happens to wash them or if it has antibacterial in it so it can remove that Runner smell.