Episode #34 - Friday, February 17, 2018 - Tech Talk -Phone Soap, Smell Technology, Smart Fork, Air Taxi and more...

by: Adam

Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk 900 CHML on the Bill Kelly Show at 11:35 am.

We all use our phones sometimes in the most unpleasant places. You can only imagine what kind of microbes and bacteria are all over our phones. Here’s a solution imagine if you could properly clean your phone. A new device called the PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer allows you to deep clean and UV kills all the bacteria associated with possibly getting sick from your smartphone.


Is Snapchat going to become the new instant News? Live from Snapchat? It could be as this past week Snapchat just launched its update with maps and as such the shooting in Florida gave more live information about what was going on in the school than most media. According to Snapchat, we can expect to see more of this. is it good or bad?


Facebook just launched a new update that allows you to post your to-do list and share it with all your friends. I guess it just makes you a little more accountable when they ask you why haven’t you got everything done?


Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind when it comes to your smart glasses, as such, they just registered and marked a new SmartGlass will be coming out in the coming year from Samsung.


Google Family Link which is the ability of a parent to control what goes on an Android phone is finally going to be available. It’s been available in the United States and 3 other countries, Apple has had this for over 2 years and it’s about time that Android with over 60% of the total smartphone market is providing a solution for parents to control when the smartphone is on, what kids can download and even monitor what conversations are being said.


Every smells somebody’s breath and say to yourself, I bet you this person’s really sick, I think I’m going to die. Well, there is a new technology that can smell disease on your breath. Little did you know you could be breathing cancer or an appendix that’s about to burst. This new technology is available to monitor simply by blowing into the nozzle and can register the microbes coming out of your breath.


There is a new robot Healthcare problem. Right now Ontario Health offers the ability to dial a 1-800 number to get a registered nurse and answer some of your questions if you need to go to the hospital or see your doctor. What if you could just have a robot close by and was able to answer questions, it could be pre-loaded by your doctor and link to your pharmacist. This is just the case as they’re available, and keeps an eye and monitors your health on a regular basis. Should you have any concerns or need medical assistance your cute help robot will or a close family member.


There is a new Fork that is available to help keep you healthy. This will be very advantageous for me to use. The fork actually can signal how fast you’re eating. It vibrates and warns you to slow down and even knows based on your BMI how much you should be eating. This is going to hurt when it comes to wanting second helpings. It even detects and records the speed you eat, how much you eat directly to an app so you can see what kind of a glutton you are.


Amazon Prime is now delivering groceries direct to your house from Whole Foods. Something we expected but didn’t think was going to happen so quickly. In addition, Amazon is now worth more than Microsoft for the very first time. Microsoft who?


It looks like we could beginning air taxis sooner than later. Toyota is partnering with JetBlue to create an air taxi allowing for eight passengers easily to fly short distances. I could easily see this being true coming up in the near future between Hamilton to Toronto, Toronto to Waterloo and Niagara to Toronto. It won’t be too long when we see the skies full of air taxis


There’s an Apple Watch clone with a GPS and has 45 days of battery light selling for $99. Keep in mind it is a clone, which comes with a lot of challenges. For example, if you buy a clone for Apple and they do an update to the phone and the watch it could be challenged to work. So don’t go jump into clones SmartWare anytime fast.


Google now is upgrading a lot of their travel and they can predict flight delays. Considering Google has a pretty good handle on what’s going on around the world and the globe from its satellites, it also knows what schedules are like in advance from all flights around the world. It can instantly detect based on wind patterns, weather and where the planes are located if your flight will be delayed.