Episode #36 Tech Talk - Friday, March 2nd, 2018 Vision Assistant, Smartphone Radiation, Eye-Vac Touchless Vacuum, Smart Doorbell and more...

by: Adam

Friday, March 2nd, 2018     Tech Talk      Episode #36 with Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show AM900 CHML.

Piccolo is building a gesture-based smart home ‘Vision Assistant’. You remember when you had to actually say OK Google? Those days are done. Now you want it now you can turn on the lights simply by pointing at it. Open your fist and the TV will turn on. The sensors are located in the room and can see how you move your body without saying a word.


Little did you know smartphones still give off radiation. Maybe not as much as the days of the analog. However, these are the top five radiation phones.

Xiaomi MiA1
Nokia Lumia 630
iPhone 7
iPhone 8


Netflix is coming out in 2018 with 700 Originals. More programs than probably most seasons in the entire 1980s. Yes over 700 original programmed tv shows will be launched in 2018, that works out to 8 billion.


SikurPhone is a smartphone for Bitcoin millionaires.  If you’ve amassed a fortune in cryptocurrencies, you probably don’t keep it all (or any of it) on your mobile phone. But a company called Sikur wants you to reconsider that.


Forget the dustpan there is now emotion sensing vacuum that can save the day. If you got pets or kids we all know the mess that can happen on the floor. Sleeping is always an option dustpan end up creating more messages than they ever clean. Now introducing Eye-Vac home touchless vacuum. Its motion sensing technology is always ready with infrared sensors activating the suction when anything’s sweeps in front of it.


Amazon buys smart doorbell maker Ring to fuel its smart home ambitions.  This is just another step of Amazon purchasing products that are related to the home. We can expect more of this as we see investments in Alexa.


There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence, now there’s an Artificial Intelligence therapist that can save hundreds of dollars on your benefits.  Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface (T.E.V.I.), currently being developed by Textpert, a UCLA-based team of AI researchers, in collaboration with USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. The researchers estimate that the software will be maintaining full conversations by the end of 2018, and be working full-time as a therapist by the end of 2019. It’ll cost $9.99 per month.


Staying on the topic of artificial intelligence the nation’s top lawyers recently battled an artificial intelligence competition to interpret contracts and they lost a study that was done from Stanford University, Duke University. It pitted 20 experienced lawyers against an artificially trained to evaluate legal contracts. In 4 hours they were given V non-disclosure agreements to identify 30 issues, unfortunately, the humans lost and badly. The human lawyers achieved 85% accuracy well the artificial intelligence achieve 95% the artificial intelligence did it in 26 seconds meanwhile the human lawyers took over 90 minutes.


If you remember the Matrix Nokia just brought back the phone. Made famous by Neo where he would hit a button and it would slide out in the numbers would be there it even comes with a cool LED and originally was priced at $1,000. The new version is a smartphone on a low end and is only going to cost you $97.


Facebook has its facial recognition setup with its latest update. You can easily turn it off by going to settings and choosing face recognition to know and it will turn off your face recognition on all your photos