Episode #37 - Friday, March 9, 2018 - Tech Talk - Robot Burger Flipper, Flying Cars, Bitcoin Earning Space Heaters and more...

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield today at 11:35 on the Bill Kelly Show for Tech Talk! Here are the exciting discussion tech topics for the show!

The Flying car – Yes, the Dutch company PAL-V revealed its flying car, the PAL-V Liberty Tuesday. The two-seater vehicle is still in the research stage, with a final testing before production to take place after the Switzerland auto show. The company anticipates to take-off in 2019. It had a few of the flying vehicles on hand to show off.


Mission Impossible is coming out with a new movie and if you can believe that the government has actually started researching effective self-destruct solutions for mobile and drums. Including liquid destruction, explosive destruction.


Remember the old days when you had your camera lens sticking out of your phone or your computer. A new technology is going to be coming out where you will click a button and your camera will pop out. Giving you a little more space and less chance of smudging it and damaging it this will be available on some new upcoming phones is a feature for Android on LG and HTC.


If you can believe it the Siri creator Norman Winarsky is quite disappointed with what the results you can get from this voice-activated artificial intelligence. If you can believe the product was purchased within a matter of 3 months after original development by Apple. It really hasn’t progressed in the last few years. It continues to get confused, not sure exactly what you’re asking and hasn’t really learned our day-to-day habits or history when we constantly ask for new things. In summary, It’s not you.


Artificial intelligence has come a long way and as such the Rubik’s Cube was tested against a machine and a computer. It was able to descramble a Rubik’s Cube in .38 seconds. amazing at what the future could hold when it comes to our artificial robots.

Machine solves Rubik’s cube in the blink of an eye

I think I figured out Apple. When I can certify their connectors at the dollar store is around the time that they come out with a new patented charging cable. As is the case with the lightning Thunderbolt. Apple just filed a patent with a whole new charging unit that will replace all iPhones, and iPads for charging. The patent allows for increased water resistance ceiling it so it doesn’t get damaged by moisture when charging.


Facebook launched a job search. I actually tried it with a position we had posted this past week. I can tell you I had a bit of a response. The problem I have with it is that it doesn’t give you the chance to upload the resume and give you a full review of who they are. I think I’ll stick to the traditional Indeed, Kijiji and my website to post.


Uber co-founder Garrett camp is funding a new crypto-currency that actually could work. Knowing that his Uber product has truly grown and become a billion-dollar business, I believe he may be on to something with his new crypto-currency. The main benefit is that it would be easier and quicker to transfer along with encrypting and decrypting.


I have three daughters and my wife who all use a hair straightener. The fresh smell of burnt straightened hair in the morning just helps your day. Almost like coffee except different. That all changes with a new product that has a hair styling comb and hair straightener with a detangling brush. This will solve every teenage morning problem and save all fathers, brothers and even men who straighten their hair. That problem of smelling and using three devices to try and get your hair done has been made easier. It’s available on Amazon for $40. It is called AsaVea


Do you remember when you charge your phone and it just was a cable in your way? There are now Smart lights with neon colors with motion sensing capabilities that will act as a lamp and will give off the sweet aroma while your phone charges. Aromatherapy tech is the new trend. Watching your LED lights giving you that soft calming effect a lamp is going for $80 and could change your life forever 🙂


There’s now a space heater that can keep your house warm at the same time will mine Bitcoins for you. Yes, you can earn an income at the same time as generating cryptocurrency. Of course, your hydro bill will probably be more than the value of the Bitcoin value you would earn.


A new phone on the market is called the Light phone and it literally is just that. It comes with texting, the capability of calling and an alarm clock. It syncs with your calendar and that’s it. No extra apps, no Uber ordering, no banking and if you just need a phone that’s going to give you the basics, it is now available.


It’s official, the burger turning robot is now available and uses image recognition and heat-sensing to know when the burgers are ready to flip and be ready. 12 Burgers can be handled at once. Cali Burger has 50 locations starting in California and Flippy will be now flipping burgers. A robot is $60,000 and costs $12,000 a year to run.