Episode #39 - Tech Talk - Thursday, March 29, 2018 -Microbot Push, Makita Coffee Maker, Wireless Bamboo Charging Table, Smart Baby Changing Pad and more

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk for all the latest in tech! Here are our exciting topics of discussion!

There is now a smart baby changing pad that could be the solution you’ve always wanted. Every time you change your child’s dirty diaper, you can now easily get a full update on the weight of your child. This product that was featured on Shark Tank called GROW  is now available. It comes with a wireless scale and app. You can easily track health metrics to see how your baby weight is progressing and allows you to report information for pediatrician visits. It even indicates diaper changes, pumping amounts, and sleep. All this can sync automatically with your app so you don’t have to manually enter it. Cost 129.99.


Who doesn’t love a bamboo table at the side of their bed? Everybody. However, now you can get this gorgeous simplified table that is completely wirelessly charging your phone. Just plug it in and put your phone on the table beside you and off you go.


Microbot Push – This very simple product makes dumb products NOW smart.  It’s like a little button connected to a Bluetooth that will synchronize immediately with your smartphone or smart device. So you can control all the light switches without changing them over. This little button will help flip a switch and can help turn on a lamp or anything that needs a button pushed or flipped up or down. Creating your entire dumb house into a smart home. The only thing to keep in mind is each product is $99 and you would need one for turning it on and one for turning it off so $200 in total to turn off the switch. I’m not exactly sure if calling your home dumb and buying these products is the best thing.

Makita makes some of the best power tools you can imagine. It would only make sense that they have a battery powered coffee maker. How many times do construction workers take time off to get their coffee either from a coffee truck or at their local Tim Hortons? There is rugged coffee maker that is a full battery pack that charges and keeps your coffee fresh and warm. Rugged and strong you can bash this thing and drop it from a 3 story building and feel confident your coffee will still come out fresh.


People are accidentally sending off Apple’s emergency SOS alert on their watch. Apple has a feature that allows you to track sleep patterns. One of the fails on the watch is the crown when pushed it will actually call 911 emergency services. This is happening quite frequently and Apple has been notified. Keep in mind when you’re sleeping with your watch to keep your track patterns of sleep that you may accidentally roll and push on your crown and call the Emergency Response Group.


We’ve had LED lights for a while, and LED lights that are smart and work with different operating systems. However, there is a new smart bulb that is completely integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa. They will allow you to control turning on the lights with schedule times and days wherever you are. A lot of the other LED smart light bulbs were dedicated specifically to the software that came with it. But for $9.99 us a bulb you can now get one that works seamlessly with your voice assistant.


Apple announced after an annual meeting that they have a 163 billion dollars in liquid cash sitting in a bank. Here are three things Apple has said they will be investing in.

1.  Original content as Apple uses a lot of third parties to purchase it is quite clear Apple will be investing in some of its own products, including screen technology. As currently, the iPhone X is a Samsung OLED running a 4K. The money will be used for R&D to develop their own screen.

2. Made in America! Apple will be investing in the United States where they will be looking to create the iPhone much less expensive than having it made overseas. It was discussed that Apple has enough money to set up operations that could easily create an inexpensive iPhone and make it more accessible to more markets at Alaska cost.

3, Acquisitions. Apple will be looking to invest and as such this past week it’s going to purchase texture a magazine subscription service. It’s basically the Netflix of magazines. Rumor has it that Apple would be considering the investment of a Spotify who better to take over a market than one that already has a large volume of customers. Spotify and Apple would have over a hundred million subscribers.


We talked a lot about artificial intelligence, now there’s an artificial intelligence therapist that can save hundreds of dollars on your benefits.  Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface (T.E.V.I.), currently being developed by Textpert, a UCLA-based team of AI researchers, in collaboration with USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. The researchers estimate that the software will be maintaining full conversations by the end of 2018, and be working full-time as a therapist by the end of 2019. It’ll cost $9.99 per month.


Staying with the topic of artificial intelligence the nation’s top lawyers recently battled an artificial intelligence competition to interpret contracts. They lost a study that was done from Stanford University, Duke University pitted 20 experienced lawyers against an artificially trained to evaluate legal contracts. In 4 hours they were given V non-disclosure agreements to identify 30 issues. Unfortunately, the humans lost and badly. The human lawyers achieved 85% accuracy well the artificial intelligence achieve 95% the artificial intelligence did it in 26 seconds meanwhile the human lawyers took over 90 minutes.